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– The Christian Science Monitor has an article up on Linda McMahon’s campaign, focusing on WWE’s past on sexual and violent overtones. You can read that article here. The article comes off a bit out of date, as the author discusses The Godfather and his Hos.

– MVP does an interview with The Corpus Christi Caller-Times, hyping the WWE events in Texas at this link.

– You can follow Shawn Michaels and his wife Rebecca on Twitter at this link.

– The Facebook for Shawn Michaels and his wife Rebecca posted the following today…
The staff and crew of the national TV hunting show “The Experience with Weston and Jodi Clark” (formerly Higher Grounds Outdoors) has finished filming the 3 episodes with Shawn and Rebecca on “The Experience with Weston and Jodi Clark”.

The episodes were shot in Venado Creek Ranch in Texas last Febuary of this year and airs this end of July or August. The episodes will feature Shawn and Rebecca talks about hunting, hunts pheasant, shooting rifles and bows on their “dream hunts”.

“The Experience with Weston and Jodi Clark” is featured on both the Pursuit Channel every (Wednesdays 12:30 AM EST / Wednesdays 7:30 PM EST / Sundays 4:30 PM EST) and on Sportsman Channel every (Tuesdays 8:00 PM EST / Thursday 12:00 AM EST / Sunday 4:00 PM EST).

You won’t want to miss any of the 3 episodes with Shawn and Rebecca Michaels on “The Experience with Weston and Jodi Clark”. Check your local listings for details.

  • Jeff

    LOL! I never even heard of the “Pursuit Channel” what in the world channel is that

  • erik

    @cenation that is correct i have his 2005 on edge book he did 5 years ago. his name is adam copeland and he was born and raise in orangeville, ontario canada

  • cenation

    yeah edges real name is adam so you cant expect them to call them by there real names it makes no sense you dont get the same feel and excitement oh here comes adam or here comes mark or oscar yeah cause that attracts a crowd

  • Daniel Bryan

    All Mickie James fans who want her back in WWE, please sign this petition:


    And call WWE at 203-352-8600 and tell them you want Mickie back.

    Here’s something else you can do. Go to this site and leave a comment about Mickie’s release.

  • Amazed

    who ever brought up the name thing makes no sense.

  • venom

    Hopefully Linda loses and Orton can try to bring us to the Attitude era again. I want to see blood in Hell in a Cell matches.

  • CiB

    I read in an interview with Edge a few years ago than in many cases wrestlers are reffered to backstage by their pseudonames. For instance, he said he would never call Rey Mysterio Oscar and that he wasn’t in the habbit of calling Undertaker Mark. I doubt people called HBK Michael Shawn Hickenbottom.

    Therefore HBK probably only uses Hickenbottom for legal purposes, because everyones been calling Shawn for 20+ years.

  • Andy

    yes, but if they say Micheal Hickembottom and his wife are going to appear of TV, no one outside of big wrestling fans would know who they are. Come on is it really that hard to figure out?

  • eric

    linda is going down and wwe can be tv14 and there can be hardcore matches bikini matches superstars can say what they want. vince can tell the crowd to shut up.

  • Alicia

    hey, they said that is not official. its a fanpage of Both

  • Raziel

    Hulk Hogan isn’t Terry Bollea’s real name, now shut the hell up. If Marion Berry can still be a politician, then Linda sure can.

  • Jurry

    Who cares.

    You guys that stupid?

    We’re all aware it’s not his actual name..& like someone else said, Actors & Singers do it all the damn time.

  • Candy

    His real name is Michael Shawn Hickenbottom.

    It’s not that surprising though that they listed them as that.
    I’m sure tons of them do that.

  • CC

    Its called a professional pseudonym guys. You really cannot expect him to use his real name or his wife to come on using a different name to his stage name.
    Do you all complain when actors and singers do it as well?

  • robert

    id rather be known as shawn michaels then shawn michaels hickenbottem to be honest, more power to him.

  • DomSays

    stockshark is right its Hickenbottem not michales thats hbks first name

  • stockshark

    AUGGGGHHHHH Shawn and Rebecca Michaels? You do realize that is not his real name so there is no Rebecca Michaels WOW !!!

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