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Shawn Michaels Talks Triple H vs. Undertaker, Tyler Reks Ends Losing Streak

— During a phone interview with Thursday, Shawn Michaels lost his composure when faced with pointed questions pertaining to Triple H and The Undertaker’s Hell in a Cell Match at WrestleMania XXVIII.

After being asked “If Triple H wins at WrestleMania, will he be better than you?” Michaels grew increasingly incensed in his response, saying he is the best in-ring performer ever and that he cannot help that the spotlight falls on him whenever he shows up. Before hanging up, he tells the interviewer to leave him alone in his retired life.

— Thanks to interference from Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks drew a victory over Mason Ryan on this week’s episode of WWE Superstars. It is his first televised singles victory since the March 17, 2011 WWE Superstars, where he beat JTG.

Other matches featured include Alex Riley vs. Michael McGillicutty and Jinder Mahal vs. Justin Gabriel.


— WWE developmental wrestler Corey Graves (a/k/a Sterling James Keenan) turns 28 years old Friday.

  • Matthew Pritchard

    im just waiting for shawn to say he’s gonna ref the match

  • leogets

    The most legendary undefeated streak in wrestling was Andre the Giant until Hogan defeated him at Wrestlemainia 3 the best Wrestlemainia ever.

  • Nicholas

    I love how everybody keep saying it should be somebody else beside HHH. They don’t get it there is nobody else Undertaker wants to face but HHH. Because he is the only one left from the era of wrestling that Undertakers likes and trust.

  • me

    mason ryan pissed someone off to be jobbing to tyler fucking reks LOL

  • PinkSinCara

    @ Pull My Finger

    Forget about Bam Bam or Kamala ending the streak. Wrestlemania 29 will be Taker vs the Tinman. You know something about that, don’t you?

  • kamala’s foot

    I think somebody will dig out Bam Bam Bigelow and he’ll end the streak.

  • venom

    @Pull My Finger

    Don’t you have a jobber t-shirt to go buy?

  • dx

    regardless of all the hating and the negative comments about hhh vs taker again at mania everyone knows its gunna be an awesome match that they want to watch and no it will be the best of the night. im looking forward to seeing it in the cell last years match was awesome they should allow blood for it cuz that would help make it look more interesting. the only thing i hated was the storyline behind it dating back to last year i thought they should have made it more hhh vs taker because taker ended shawn michaels career n it was his dx partner it shoulda started their but they didnt really make that to important during the story line and its the same thing this year

  • CM Prick Returns

    Everyone drooling over how HBK or HHH should be the ones to end the streak are idiots. Let someone else have that honor. You all should make like Lance Cade and die.

  • Nicholas

    @ PinkSinCara not even close buddy.

  • PinkSinCara

    @ Nicholas

    You are either very young or you are Triple H himself.

  • milkdud

    Undertaker is going to be 20-0 at wrestlemania he deserves it he’s more then a icon or legend he is the king of a era

  • MJ

    @Sth Undertaker’s undefeated streak is overrated? No! NOt even close! The most overrated streak in pro wrestling and i might get alot of heat for this but Bill goldberg’s streak was by far the most overrated streak in the wrestling business. Undertaker’s streak however is legendary. You can say that vince allows taker to win all the time but hey news flash buddy thats wrestling vince calls the shots just like the booking team in TNA or ROH. The fan is suppose to care about the streak and taker has the fans respect

  • @lynx i agree with you

  • Nicholas

    @ Seth you couldn’t be more wrong only person that would think something like that never like Wwe to begin with. Listen there is only 1 person right now who wants the streak to end it not Vince or even HHH it is Undertaker himself. Yeah Vince has most say in the Wwe expect when it comes to the streak. I feel if the streak ends at Wm28 it is because Undertaker wanted it the end. I don’t think you will see HBK anywhere near this match oh there will be many rumors just like last year. But what happen last year it came down between Undertaker and HHH. Only this time I feel it going to be a different out come HHh is going to end the streak. Sorry I love the Undertaker just see the writing on the wall this is Undertaker last Wrestlmania and what an Icon.

  • Lynx

    Am I the only one who thinks Tyler Reks could be a huge star if he was just given a chance?

  • Gary

    Wow, Over-rated? have to disagree, what HHH has said about undertaker is how alot of fans feel, Rock has his movies, Austin will never be the same even if he gets punk next yr, HHH is a office guy, HBK is Semi-Retired…The last of the Attuide Era IS The Undertaker. That Being said, from a Undertaker fan, I agree with the last few years have been kinda, S.H.I.T (Pun Intended) I’d Rather Undertaker win and retire but if someone is gna end it, Give it to someone who never took a shot at the “Streak”…But Thats a IMO…

  • Seth

    Undertaker’s streak is the most over-rated over-hyped streak in any business. Vince decides to let Taker win each year. It’s not like there are some overwhelming odds that Taker has to overcome. The last few matches have been great, but c’mon. The streak could go another 20 years if that’s what Vince and at some point HHH want.

  • Prince

    Yeah, that makes no sense. It’s not like HBK also beat Taker.

  • cakes

    winner takes all of what?

  • Ahmed Johnson

    I think if HHH ends the streak you have to have a Shawn vs HHH match winner take all.

  • R8ted NVRP

    Shawn michaels costs the game the match. But epic interview!