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Sheamus Angle at SmackDown Tonight, WWE-Moscow News, Extreme Rules Theme

– As WWE plans to hold their first-ever show in Moscow, Russia this week, they are already planning a return to Russia in 2013. WWE has sold around 6,000 tickets for Wednesday’s show in Moscow, just a few thousand short of a sell out.

– The official theme song for WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view is “Adrenaline” by the band Shinedown.

– WWE is promising punishment for World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus on tonight’s live SmackDown after he hit referee Chad Patton with a Brogue Kick last week. WWE is teasing that John Laurinaitis may strip Sheamus of the title and award it to the new #1 contender Alberto Del Rio.

WWE’s website has an interview up with Patton saying that he doesn’t feel Sheamus has been punished enough yet.

  • Al

    I want to see my man D-Bryan beat Sheamus in 10 seconds to back his belt. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

  • Jimbo

    So much for that rumored lengthy title reign. I’m also willing to bet that ol’ Berto won’t have it too long before Vince decides that Orton needs the belt for the 24665314675th time.

  • sam

    i really cant see why del rio would get another push with a title since his last one wasnt that great

  • OGitchida

    so what about Undertaker’s choke slam at wrestlemania ???…. oh yeah, i forgot, that’s cool…….. because its UNDERTAKER !!!

  • xMaskedReptilex

    People, stop listening to this trolls heyfit, Kamala’s foot, JohnCena33 and all those guys, don’t even dislike their comments! just don’t put them attention!

  • Prince

    I still think what will ultimately happen is JL will ban Sheamus from using the brogue kick in his match with Del Rio. Much like Taker was banned from using Hell’s Gate by Vickie back in the day.

  • Prince

    Sheamus getting stripped of the title would be pointless, and a horrible idea. Immediately putting it on Del Rio would be even worse of an idea.

  • scooter

    Chad Patton heel turn!!!!!!

  • Ant

    heyfit u sound like an idiot

  • Beaver Cleavage

    I hate angles where guys get stripped of the belt. Haven’t we already seen enough of Laurinaitis as the heel GM doing crap like this?

    Sheamus is my favorite wrestler. I hope to grow a mustache like his someday.

  • heyfit

    GOOD, that white prick sheamus can’t wrestle AT ALL. he’s so bad even my boy D-Bryan can’t carry him. That’s why Vince made their match at WM28 last 18 seconds and that’s why Vince is taking the belt off him ASAP.

    Stupid ginger prick.