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Sheamus Appears On “WWE Superstars”, The Boogeyman Returning To The Ring

— The following matches were taped tonight in Edmonton, Alberta for this week’s episode of WWE Superstars:

* Sheamus vs. Heath Slater

* Daniel Bryan vs. Drew McIntyre

— Millennium Wrestling Federation announced Monday that former WWE star The Boogeyman will be returning to the ring for their Saturday, Sept. 17 show in Melrose, Massachusetts. He is replacing Al Snow at the event, which is their tenth anniversary show.

— The Miz stated the following on Twitter regarding tonight’s Raw: “#Raw 9pm est. tonight on @usa_network no more subway I’m done playing with The Game..”

  • Daniel

    Boogeyman was a great wrestler?….Really?!

  • Snark Mark

    hmm… gonna have to watch Superstars again this week. C’est la vie

  • Tyler(:

    The Boogeyman beat JBL and Booker T, how much more do you want? ‘The Boogeyman’ Character can’t be a main event wrestler? He was only half over..

    He did have talent but The Boogeyman Character/Gimmick/Thing sucked.

  • daniel

    i really enjoyed the boogieman even though the worm eating creeped me out he was a great wrestler it’s a pity the wwe got rid of him like ronni said above he had the potential to be a damn fine main eventer

  • adam

    Ya i liked him i even liked the boogeyman chactert and how creepy he was wish they would of kept him.

  • Ronni

    Boogeyman had alot of Potential to be a main eventer if it wasn’t for the 14 IQ creative team