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Sheamus on Why He Chose Bryan, Backstage News on Undertaker & CM Punk, More

– WWE referee Scott Armstrong and agent Bill DeMott also praised Tamina Snuka and Beth Phoenix for their Divas Title match at Elimination Chamber. Armstrong later tweeted that DeMott was pulled over by a Wisconsin State Trooper but was let off without getting a ticket.

– There is speculation backstage that The Undertaker will show up either bald or with some kind of altered appearance on tonight’s RAW Supershow.

– WWE’s website posted a video interview with Sheamus after last night’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Sheamus says he chose to face World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 28 because he’s already been a two-time WWE Champion and the next step is to become World Heavyweight Champion. Sheamus guarantees he will leave WrestleMania as the new champion.

– Going into this weekend’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, WWE officials weren’t sure if they would have CM Punk retain the WWE Title or not. The decision was made sometime this weekend to have Punk win the match.

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  • heyfit

    Taker is gonna wear Zach Ryder’s wig woo woo woo you know it deadbro

  • wwe

    Sheamus and Bryan will be showing the world what we missed at WM 27.
    CM PUNK is the man right now why even think about having him loose .
    UNDERTAKER bald I see no big deal he still is an ICON and its a. hell lot better than making a 40 some year old put on a Halloween mask like they did Kane but then again Kane will never be a icon he ain’t no monster lol I thought he was goning say trick or treat when I saw him lol.

  • Mattytas

    Would’nt a Fatal 4 way for the title be a complete waste of winning the Rumble? NO way they do that.

  • scooter

    so happy for sheamus and bryan especially since they were cut last year!

  • JIR

    Honestly have never liked fatal four ways at Mania maybe the fact the last ones I have seen are just bad matches that feel slapped together because of no imagination

  • CM Mark

    You know I LOVE Punk but why did they bring Jericho back if he can’t even take a kick to the face. Jericho should have won last night so that the build up for WM could be better. Having Punk retain wasn’t the best decision for WM.

  • Bawb


    You only bolster my point even more. This is the third time he’s doing it. It’s becoming repetitive.

  • shawn

    somehow my like for your comment counted as 2 TS93. there you

  • TS93

    Rey rey didnt have AJ to use as a human shield every time. Rey wld actually conquer his foes

  • alex :d

    size matters in a fight ? :))

  • keylo

    I could not be more disinterested in this Sheamus/Bryan feud. You have a big tough guy challenging a tiny scrappy guy

    and how is Bryan going up against Big Show, Mark Henry in a cage match any different or did you feel the same ? oh how bout when Rey Rey was doing it ?

  • Bawb

    I could not be more disinterested in this Sheamus/Bryan feud. You have a big tough guy challenging a tiny scrappy guy. That sounds like the underdog fight on paper if you assume the big tough guy is the heel and the latter is the face, but it doesn’t work out like that. Sure, it changes things and makes them unique, but I just don’t think Sheamus is that over as a face yet. He’s been knocking people down like it’s nothing ever since he was a heel, so I just don’t see anything exciting and new happening.

  • Davey Zoo

    @Little Jimmy I agree as well but I would want Christian instead of Barrett.

  • daniel

    @Little Jimmy, i agree but instead of Barrett, WWE will through Big Show in there

  • Ryan

    @LSC as much as you think its gunna be people raving and wanting it to happen it does actually make sense, look at mania 17 he was the badass and he destroyed triple h then at 27 he barely even left the ring. surely they could write a story to say the phenom cant do it but the badass can, thus also making their match a street fight or something so that taker doesnt actually have to take many bumps in the ring, i know its not likely to happen but its just an idea seeing as even when he showed up on raw a few weeks ago he looked worse than what he did when he left mania last year. it would also help the factor of shawn being then special guest ref if thats going to be the case and would make sense to how shawn could end triple h’s career

  • LSC

    I can’t wait to hear the typical IWC marks saying that American Badass Undertaker is returning now he is bald xD LOL

  • Little Jimmy

    To make the match interesting I’d throw in Barrett & Orton and turn it into a fatal 4way. Not bad for Bryan and Sheamus considering last WM there match was a dark match.