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Sheamus Comments on Rumors of Him Playing Darth Vader In the New Star Wars Movies

– The Irish Mirror ran an article today saying that Sheamus, who is currently in Ireland, is rumored to play Darth Vader in the next Star Wars movies.

The rumor came after Sheamus noted he was on the way to the same place Star Wars is currently filming in Ireland. Apparently Sheamus acted as Darth Vader on Star Wars promotional tours in the past.

Sheamus responded to the rumor on Twitter:

“I cant confirm that i wont not be reprising role of Darth Vader in #StarWars … I hope that’s clear @IrishMirror ;)”

  • Jason Lentini

    Luke ….. Use the Brogue Kick Fella …..

  • zoiperry

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  • Keith Learmonth

    That’s all well and good… but SW VII is a sequel to Return of the Jedi… You know, where Vader is undeniably confirmed as “becoming one with the force”. If this rumour is true, Sheamus will probably only be in 1-2 tiny flashback scenes.

    If he is going there to be in the movie, he’s more likely playing some other, as-yet-unnamed character.

  • The Man They Don’t Call Sting