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Current Champion dealing with career threatening injury

It appears that the former World Champion and one half of the current Raw Tag Team champion Sheamus is suffering from a serious injury which has previously ended careers of a number of top WWE Stars.

As we noted before, Sheamus had missed last week’s episode of Raw and WWE covered his absence from the show by saying that he was on his ‘annual sabbatical’, though in a video the Raw Star himself had said that he is rehabbing from a neck injury.

Dave Meltzer also discussed his status in the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, revealing that he is recovering from spinal stenosis, which is not a good thing at all:

“While they said Sheamus was out of action last week because he was on a trip back to Ireland, he’s actually rehabbing spinal stenosis, which is not a good thing at all, Spinal stenosis ended the careers of Edge and Steve Austin.”

Although Dave didn’t open up much about his condition, the fact that he is dealing with such a serious injury and WWE is trying to hide it is still worrying.

Though the good news is that Sheamus is not taking any time off and he is scheduled for a match at this week’s Raw so it’s believed that his injury is not very serious. We’ll keep you posted if any further detail about his condition comes to light.

  • CC

    Why bother quoting Meltzer if you are just going to post a truncated version of what he said before the quote anyway?
    You even copy and pasted the line “which is not a good thing at all”.

  • Anutosh Bajpai


  • Darrin Tyler

    RIP Sheamus’s Career.

  • Thomas Murray

    Anutosh Bajpaiyou have posted some amount of Bull s hit but this is you’re Sistine chapel

  • Keith Learmonth

    He worked Raw this week, and is advertised for next week. WWE made Graves, Bryan, Edge, etc.. all retire at the first sign of issues. I think Meltzer has this one wrong, or is exaggerating how severe the issue is.

    If there was any risk of Sheamus having to retire any time soon, they would’ve taken the titles off him and Cesaro on Raw.