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Sheamus’ Losses for 2011, Chavo Classic Comments on Eddie’s Daughter Wrestling

– Chavo “Classic” Guerrero recently appeared on and was asked about his brother Eddie Guerrero’s daughter, Shaul Guerrero, debuting with WWE’s Florida Championship Wrestling. Chavo said he wished he could have trained Shaul so she would be safe and best served.

He said he believes that if Eddie were still alive, Shaul would not be involved in the wrestling business. Chavo Sr. also said that Vickie Guerrero has really separated herself from the Guerrero family since Eddie passed away.

– Going into his apparent WrestleMania feud with United States Champion Daniel Bryan, Sheamus currently is on a 6-loss losing streak for WWE TV and pay-per-view matches. The former WWE Champion has a TV/pay-per-view win-loss record of 1-8 for 2011 so far. As noted before, RAW producer Kevin Dunn reportedly isn’t a fan of Sheamus.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Valo487

    Whatever, this is clearly the only thing you have in life, if we take that away you’ll just be more pathetic. Moron.

  • someone


  • joe m

    yechiel can you bumfuck valo

  • joe m

    yea he should be the king

  • Valo487

    Yeah, that makes sense. Or maybe I remember when every other comment in the comments section was someone who thought they were funny posting stupid crap like you’re doing now and the Mods at the site closed the comments section for months. I don’t give a damn who you are or what you’re into, but it has nothing to do with wrestling and you’re just doing it to be obnoxious. If you want to talk about that, there are plenty of sites out there for it, go find one.

  • Valo487

    Ugh, not this again. Can a Mod step in before these explicit messages get the comments removed again?

  • JAck45

    sheamus and swagger both had their push, and now look at them both…
    fucking pathetic!

  • Nicholas G

    I said this once already and I will say it again. We have not see the last of Sheamus in the World of WWE title picture. This is just some guy stating an opinion not facts. Why do I say this Sheamus had a great first year of his career but he still has to pay a little dues. Remember this there was another wrestler who also went to jobbing for a little over a year or two after he had 3 World title run that man was CM Punk an look at the guy now. CM Punk one of the biggest heel on Raw right now an is getting a monster push. When he was on Smackdown he had to do a lot of jobbing an now it paying off big times. Guys like Cena and now Randy Orton have been putting CM Punk over now all those matches CM Punk has lost on Smackdown are in the past an nobody cares anymore.

    In closing don’t be fooled Sheamus got a lot more World and WWE title in him just paying a little dues. HHH not going to let a talent like Sheamus go to waste.

  • Long Rod Von Hugen Dong

    I don’t think he will be “de-pushed” for a long time. I mean, he is the current King of the Ring, and has been in all the last PPV (including maineventing at Elimination Chamber). Right now they are pushing other program and lets face it, if it wasn’t him, we would be compaining about CM Punk not being pushed, or JoMo not being pushed, or The Miz not being pushed, or Del Rio not being pushed. Such is life…

  • tomc2

    sheamus just starting and is better than hhh in his prim,they did the same thing to swagger but he’s boring and sucks on the mic anyway.

  • nando

    Sheamus is a pretty good wrestler, remembers me of Wrath in WCW (a.k.a. Brian Clark). Sheamus should have been strong midcarder, but WWE first made him main eventer, and now a jobber. totally sad.

  • Valo487

    It’s a shame they pushed him to the moon then. I’m no fan of Sheamus and don’t think he’s earned his spot, but if you’re going to push him so hard, you can’t just stop out of nowhere. I just wish they’d push people like they did him when they’re ready for the spot, instead of doing it just because someone likes him.

  • oxslangshoot

    i remember when you fluffers cried for months when shaemus beat cena , now your all up his ass

  • Jesse

    toadie thats more of a main event for superstars, no for wrestlemania

  • Toadie

    Blah… Christian to the Main Event after Wrestlemania… Man deserves a HUGE push… Would be an AWwEeEeSOMmE feud with The Miz

  • Sheamus to smackdown in the WWE draft after wrestlemania


    Sheamus is great and Kevin Dunn is a complete and total DUMB A$$!!!!

  • Toadie

    Anyone notice my 1st post disappeared quick?

  • Phill

    Maybe he screwed up giving HHH a spot. Don’t walk away to the water fountain while HHH is benching Sheamus!!

  • Davey Zoo

    Already corrected well played.


  • Davey Zoo

    @Toadie No your not, it is a bit of a strange way to word it.

    If this is true??? That Kevin Dunn is “dumb as shit”.