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WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus was recently interviewed by WJBC. Here are a few highlights.

Working in Information Technology for ten years before joining WWE:

“I hated the I.T. job. I’m more of a people person, not a techie guy. I always wanted to try to get to the WWE.”

Sheamus on his rapid rise in WWE:

“It’s been an incredible ride and I’m still on the crest of a wave and I’m loving it,”

  • poko

    lol oh wow @ant, how can one “shut up” if one is not talking? I am indeed typing, so shutting up is kind of inane. Also resorting to profanities? As the great Ron Burgundy once said, stay classy.

  • voice of reason

    i could see sheamus as a bartender or something like that but i.t. that’s a bit weird for me to imagine i do like sheamus he’s a good face & an even better heel.

  • ant

    poko shut the fuck up noone likes your smart ass comments
    @wwefan yeah hes a cool person outside of the ring real laid back

  • WWEfan

    Sheamus seems like he would be a nice person to meet outside the ring.

  • poko

    wow, what did he have for breakfast ant? Does he still have the same meal plan, or has that changed much during his rise?

  • ant

    ive always thought sheamus was talented from his time in ecw to going to raw and becoming a 2 time wwe champion and winning king of the ring early in his career to seeing him now as the world heavyweight champ personally its been a joy following his career and i hope he continues to rise as a star

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