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Sheamus Talks About Regal Helping Him, The Shield vs. The Wyatts, The Chamber and More

– Sheamus recently spoke with The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show to promote WWE’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view and discussed a number of topics. The full interview can be heard here. Here are some highlights:

Recently recovering from surgery: “I’d never had surgery before, so I didn’t really know what to expect. It actually sucked. [Laughs] Waking up the next morning with your arm hanging, literally tied to your body, and literally to be just stuck in a bed it’s kinda brutal. The first couple weeks were pretty bad because I wasn’t able to do anything, I could barely put a shirt over me head. I actually went to a big and tall store and I bought the most hideous shirts you’ve ever seen in your life just because they were the only things I could put on my body. I actually think I’m gonna frame them as well. Literally you could see them from a mile away. Even in the dark you could see these things, that’s how bad these shirts were. It was tough, you know.”

“I got back home to Ireland, saw my 91-year-old grand mother. She was asking me why I’m running around half-naked on national, global television. “We didn’t do that back in my day,” she said. And I got to see me Ma, on the west coast of Ireland. I got to see my friends & family, and I got to reflect on my last couple years which I hadn’t got to do before that. You know a lot of things, but after about three months I was ready to come back. I actually got cleared kinda early as well, with my surgery, but I’ve just been kinda waiting to come back. I wanted to get the right time and at the Rumble was the right time I think. So I came back at the Rumble, now I feel like I’m starting from scratch again. I’m going out there every week to remind people who I am.”

Preparing for Elimination Chamber: “You can’t really prepare for it. I mean you’re right, you’re better off watching from the outside rather than being on the inside because it can get pretty hairy in there. It really is one of THE toughest matches. I mean physically, it’s THE toughest match you can possibly have in WWE. And so much at stake too, anything and everything can happen. That’s the thing, matches, you can be in certain situations where the structure around you or the objects around you can cause a lot of damage but it’s all about what’s at stake, and what’s at stake here is the WWE World Heavyweight Championship that Randy Orton has and with that also a main event match at WrestleMania 30 against Batista. So everybody in there knows it’s the opportunity of a lifetime, to headline the biggest, greatest WrestleMania ever. So everybody in there is going to be taking risks they wouldn’t normally take.”

William Regal being a mentor to him: “People don’t really know about this, but William Regal has been a fantastic mentor to me, him and Fit Finlay have been tremendous mentors to me in my time in WWE. Everyone talks about Triple H, Triple H has been a great help but on the road from day one, Regal has been the one who’s helped me. Arn Anderson too, as well.”

The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family on Sunday: “First of all the Shield, being a great fantastic unit, and you’ve got three fantastic individuals. You’ve got Seth Rollins, very creative, very athletic type of guy. Very Creative. You’ve got Dean Ambrose, really really cool character, real quirky, and just a great throwback. You know what I mean, the Roddy Piper, I know people compare him to Roddy all the time. A great character. And you’ve got Roman Reigns who has the look, he’s jacked, he’s atheletic, he’s powerful. So you’ve got a great combination in the Shield that work so well together.”

“And of course you’ve got the Wyatts, who are more of a unit themselves together, you know what I mean. But they’re all just great phenomenal characters. I mean the promos that Bray cuts and just the creepy Rowan guy, who by the way is not my dad, he is not my father, and Luke Harper, who I’ve been in the ring with as well, who’s agressive as you can get, he may as well be European. It’s just a great unit, a great match. People wanna see that match as much as the chamber.”

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