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Sheamus Video, Dusty Rhodes Comments on The Slammys, Kane, More

– WWE Superstar Sheamus appeared on The Hampton Roads Show in Virginia this week:

Meet WWE star Sheamus:

– Kane is still listed on the WWE SmackDown roster but his profile photo has been updated with the new look.

– A Fatal Four-Way Cage Match with CM Punk vs. The Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena is being advertised for the December 28th RAW in Pittsburgh. Jerry Lawler is also being advertised.

– Dusty Rhodes wrote the following on Twitter this week regarding the Slammys:

“U would thank the WWE would have me host the slammys! O I guess mick needs to sell another book -I am down with that.”

  • PinkSinCara

    Dusty Rhodes, you have a horrible lisp. That’s why you’re not hosting the Slammys

  • iHole420

    I like the new Kane mask! I hope they keep it for a while he was way better in his days with a mask

  • BlaH

    Taker wore a mask similar to that in a ppv in the mid 90’s,
    but looked kinda gray.
    But I still think it Kane with a wig.
    Luke Gallows wore a wig when he dressed like Kane when they had match in ’06.
    Gallows talked about it on the Dave Lagana podcast ( a few months back. I

  • Philly655

    nah, just Kane in a strange mask… no doubt it’ll only be on him till the rumble, i mean… why even bother with the shockmaster style mask first, shoulda just come out in the new “human skin” style mask… as soon as he hit the ramp

  • Rob Buck

    Ok I think I can solve the whole Undertaker rumor…remember the picture of Undertaker bald earlier this year? and Kane’s mask looks more like a human face. What if Taker was bald because they did a casting of his face so they could mold Kane’s mask? Its Takers facial features made into a mask for his brother.