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Sheen Getting Help with Daniel Bryan?, WWE Divas Not Used, Maria Wins Gold

– Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis won the FWE Women’s Title for the second time this past weekend. She defeated TNA Knockout Winter.

– After WWE nixed a Divas segment from RAW 1000, there was no Divas segment or match again on last night’s episode. The topic of how much TV time the Divas have been getting lately was a hot topic backstage last night.

– Speculation at RAW last night was that Charlie Sheen will be working with Kane for a SummerSlam encounter against Daniel Bryan. A Kane vs. Bryan singles match with Sheen in Kane’s corner or something like that is rumored.

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  • shelton

    if heen wins then everone will not wrestling is put on

  • Jim

    I have to be honest didn’t really notice the Divas were missing on Raw last night. Sad but true.

  • Will Henderson

    i say it’s time to have all the divas only wrestle on SmackDown if they want to have Divas wrestling, or disband the division all together for a while until the NXT/FCW divas are ready for the main roster.

  • jr

    are you serious mmpr….the divas should be an afterthought – welcome to the wrestling profession – dominated by male athletes….
    fucked up how they treat these women???? – are they holding them hostage? must suck to get paid to travel and train and do some spot wrestling here and there

  • 1919

    btw, i mean divas division. there can still be divas but as valets and such.

  • 1919

    get rid of the divas. they don’t provide anything to the show. a few years back they atleast had bikini matches.

  • MMPR 90’s Kid

    Why are you guys so surprise about this??? This is the WWE…of course the Divas are going 2 be a afterthought. Layla hasn’t had a decent run with “that” title or a strong feud with anyone since her return. Its really fucked up how they treat these women….

  • Jimbo

    Thank goodness Bryan will be facing an actual wrestler. I’m all for Sheen getting involved, but not in a 1-on-1 match.

  • SYM

    It amazes me how WWE has a lack of time for Divas, yet you all want Angelina Love and Velvet Sky to get signed to WWE. Ain’t that a bitch.