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Shelley Reportedly Close to WWE Deal, HIAC Poster, Henry’s Return

– Thanks to Ronaldo for sending in the following promotional ad for WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, which features CM Punk as a devil:

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– The current target date for Mark Henry to return from shoulder surgery is late fall. Henry has been saying that if the shoulder doesn’t fully recover that he may retire but he is expecting to return.

– Former TNA star Alex Shelley has indeed been in serious talks with WWE. As of this past weekend, he has not signed a contract and is still booked for New Japan’s tour in September. Word is that Shelley and WWE are close to a deal and that his signing is imminent.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • adam

    I would say it would be awesome if they got sabin too but who knows if theyd use them as a team cause they have KOW but there not a team.

  • Shawn O B

    use him WWE, use him.

  • adam

    If shelly really does come to wwe i think that could be a great team him with evan like what was said earlier. I also want to see them do more things with that tyson kid gabriel team which kind of faded out after money in the bank. But they were good together espically since they lost one team in hawkins and reks and the uso’s dont get used and prime time players arnt going to do much with out a manager.

  • False Idol

    @Rauth, you’re an idiot! I’d much rather someone wrote a genuine opnion, whether I agree with it or not than have some prat put something ridiculous for the sake of it!

    Anyway, given the way the WWE are looking build up the tag team division in the future, I think it would be a good idea to have Shelley and Bourne together!

  • Rauth

    I love how some people think… and then put it online for the entire world to see.

    Let me see if I can come up with a statement that is exactly the opposite of what everyone else thinks and see if they will like it…..

    Vince will be selling WWE to TNA eventually anyways so why not just do it right now? Everyone knows that TNA is the superior brand… Oh and another thing… Why hasn’t Cena been holding the WWE title for the psst 9 months? Everyone LOVES Cena!!! Better yet… They should just hand it over to Heath Slater… He is the “NEXT BIG THING” anyways! OH YEAH…. Have I mentioned that I LOVE Ryback’s character… but he looks a little like Skip Sheffield from Nexus, maybe it is his brother?

    I read Wrestling-Edge more for the comments then I do for the actual stories. I love a good laugh!

  • Charles

    @yofits cm punk is so worthy of the wwe title. WWE finally realized that cena doesn’t have to always be champ. It’s true punk hasn’t been main event of a ppv unless cena was involved. But I’m sure you would agree that his ppv matches have been better than whatever closed the show. Titles have taken a back seat to whatever other M.E. fued is happening but his matches have been 10x better than any WHT match in the past 9 months and his matches with DB were much better than whoever closed the show.

  • yofits

    CM Punk should be IC champ.
    Not WWE champ. He’s not ready to headline a ppv.

    Look at all his WWE title defenses. Not a single one was a show closer. lol

    Vince is a smart man, but a dumb one too. Just give him the IC title and when he’s ready, give him back the wwe title.

  • Bill

    Next month they’ll probably replace the CM Punk poster with a John Cena one.

  • simon07

    How come they can sign Shelley but not Flair or Morgan?

  • Davey Zoo

    I’d like to see Alex Shelley and Evan Bourne team up. They have a similar style.