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Shelton Benjamin Rants On The Barbarian For Not Paying Wrestlers For Tour

Shelton Benjamin slammed fellow WWE alumnus Barbarian via Twitter for refusing to pay him and other talent for participating in a wrestling tour of Nigeria the Powers of Pain star coordinated approximately one year ago. He is especially steamed because some talent who appeared on the tour were within the vicinity of a bombing.

Benjamin wrote, “If any wrestler is asked by UPW/ Barbarian of Powers of Pain 2 got 2 Nigeria, get 100% of your $$ Upfront. stiffed me & the entire Crew last yr. or if U know a wrestler planning to tour with UPW/Barbarian “P.O.P” please inform them of my warning. I respect all talent that came before me and appreciate what they do but when a so called legend stiff his talent, some of which are not as fortunate as me to have made quite bit of $$ that person and his spouse Can go to Hell. Yes I’m referring only to The Barbarian. NOT WARLORD.

“Myself @valvenisent @jefflewis and a few other guys basically could have been killed when the bomb went of in Abuja the day before that bomb went off we were yards away from the embassy, and this MO’Fo turns around and stiffs talent. FUCK YOU BARBARIAN!!!

“To my fans please excuse my language but I held this in a long time hoping that Barbarian would reconcile the situation but like a true liar and Thief he nor anyone else answers calls or returns and if by accident they do pick up they hang up immediately. Thank God I have and still make a good living but I feel sorry for those guys who really depended on their pay-offs.”

  • Little Jimmy

    Barbarian……We Comin fuh yuh Nigguh!

  • Jerk Factor

    Bring back Ax and Smash to get the $$$ off Warlord and Barbarian. I have no doubt the nefarious Mr. Fuji is involved in this somehow.

  • KingAlbert

    If a retard dind’t pay me i’d expose him to!


    Cant really blame Benjamin on this one he has every right to go on a rant I’m glad he did so it can people can become more aware how much of a scammer Barbarian is

  • PinkSinCara

    Why would you trust a guy who calls himself Barbarian?

  • datruth

    ^^^^^^^will you please shut the hell up

  • Bawb

    Wrestlers are just terrible when they’re on twitter. Ranting is no excuse for awful grammar and non-sensical vulgarity.

  • Logan


  • Logan

    “I’m tryin’ to Shelton, niggas are broke these days!
    I don’t think you’re applying yourself, Barbarian.
    Play with my money is like playing with my emotions!”