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Shocking Announcement Teased for WWE TE, Jericho-DWTS Update, Coachman

– Former WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman is on Twitter at @TheCoachESPN.

– Chris Jericho and his partner Cheryl Burke were included in the bottom three again on Dancing With the Stars last night but managed to survive elimination and will dance again next Monday night on ABC. Jericho also made it to the Final Two before model Petra Nemcova was eliminated.

– The USA Network is teasing a “shocking announcement” for next Monday night’s episode of WWE Tough Enough. Here’s their preview for next week’s show:

“The remaining contestant’s agility is tested when they are tasked with serving lunch to a busy crowd at a local 50’s diner while on roller skates. Some are naturals on wheels, while others spend more time face-planting than skating. Miss USA asked for one-on-one help in the last elimination and she gets it in the form of an in-ring beat-down from Bill. When time is up for elimination, the contestants are stunned by a shocking announcement from Steve. WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart guest stars!”

  • Trixie

    Well, obviouly they’re not going to show everything. Have you ever seen a reality show before?? But I actually think TE is interesting, that dog things was funny.

  • scsa852k

    I personally think this year’s TE is the best the show has been yet.
    They’re trying to trim down a week’s events into 1 hour.
    It’s obvious that what we see is not everything they’re doing.

  • Evil Doink

    @ Deva – they’re making the point that it’s more than just about in-ring wrestling skills. But yes, they are focusing more on the entertainment aspect with a lot of the contests. In my opinion, it’s pretty good TV. I liked the dog chase!

    I agree with JIR above, they are probably getting a lot more wrestling training than we are seeing. This show is heavily edited and abbreviated. Just think about the endurance test where they had to run the ropes for 3 minutes straight. How much of that did we see? Just a few seconds of each contestant (obviously they’re not going to show the whole boring thing, but just using it as an example).

    So I think the focus is still on the entertainment value and Stone Cold being “tough” on everyone, followed by the drama of the elimination. They’re not showing a lot of wrestling.

  • The Great One

    hmmm lets see the shocking annoucement, im guessing, double elimination

  • JIR

    not unexpected they went with this format Vince wants to ban the wrestling from the world remember its an action soap opera/ sports entertainment they wont show the full training sessions but it doesn’t mean the cast isn’t getting it

  • Azn

    This group will learn some real technical skills with Bret Hart. It’s going to be a treat and I guess I’ll watch my first episode of TE

  • deva

    Ive been watching TE and has any body else notice that it focus on stunts , like the dog attack and now roller skating serving people? oh yea last week it was cheerleading? THe show does not really show them training in wrestling, just like a skit here and there and here I thought it was about training to be a wrestler