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Should Chris Benoit be considered for the Hall of Fame?



Post your comments below and discuss….

  • The Rock

    No he should not, he killed his family and himself , why is this even being discussed

  • JRoD

    No he shouldnt be in the hall of fame.

    I loved watching Chris wrestle, he had good storylines vs Angle and Jericho and HHH haha. But he did commit a double murder suicide…and he had been proven to have taken huge amounts of steriods.

    So Vince is not going to touch anything related to Chris for ALONG time. I seriously doubt he will be in the HOF but if there was a chance it would prolly be in 2025 def. no sooner

  • Chris

    Vince has a right to erase Benoits life history, just like Benoit erased the life of two innocents. The fact is this, when you think of Chris Benoits legacy, you can’t ignore the fact that he’s a murderer. Unless you’re such a wrestling mark that you can’t see the reality of the situation and the fact it’d be a PR disaster to even consider Benoit in the HOF.

  • Chris

    Not a chance should he ever be in the HOF. Granted, the HOF is a joke, but he’s still a murdering coward. No amount of snap suplexes will ever change that fact. I don’t really care if he had his marbles jumbled, and he wasn’t himself, doesn’t change the fact he’s a double murderer.

    Picture it this way, if Benoit wasn’t a wrestler and flipped burgers for a living, then got high and killed his wife and child then himself, would we consider him anything other than a murdering piece of shit? No difference here other than we thought we knew Benoit from watching him on TV once or twice a week. I don’t need to know the story behind what Benoit did, we know enough. He killed his son and wife, hung around their dead bodies for a day and then hung himself, what more is there to the story.

  • Rae

    I voted no and my reasons are the same as Exusninja. I loved Benoit when he was wrestling, he was an amazing entertainer. But no matter how much a person has contributed I can not get past the murder of a CHILD!

  • Michael


  • Allen Michael

    WWE should never ven mention Chris Benoit on air again!

  • ¿/¿

    Keith…. good point man. Seriously, good point.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Wow.. To the guy who said “He made a mistake, Who hasn’t”.. I’ve made mistakes like… Yelling at my mother, not dating the right girls in high school. Yes, everyone makes mistakes, but no, Benoit’s was more than just a “mistake”. He killed a woman, and a child! If that’s the kind of mistake you think “everyone makes”, so it’s ok, then you should be sterilised.

  • Ant

    I believe he should be but he won’t because the day after he died Mr McMahon said himself he will never be mentioned again in WWE

  • Sean

    I dont give a **** who Chris benoit murderd that is no reason to wipe him out of the history books. get over it mcmahon and everyone who thinks that its right to erase someones life history.

  • ¿]¿

    Yokozuna should be inducted. Owen Hart as well. and if were talking about in ring ability and athleticism, then there is an man sitting in a wheel chair in England who should get the call as well, if you know who im talkin about. Beniot is a win/lose situation, right now the answer would be NO, but in 20-25 yrs, who knows. Times r changin, and you never know what life will be like in 20 yrs.

  • b-eazy

    hell no… i dont care how good of an athlete he was.. he committed an act so ruthless he is frying in hell right now. wwe does not need that shit in their hall of fame..

  • Josh

    Umaga’s death is another tally on the wrestling tragedy side, but his skill was not worthy of being a hall of famer. then again, there are plenty of hof’ers who arent that skilled. Anyways, Benoit himself wouldn’t want to be inducted if he did do what they say he did. i personally still have doubts about the whole situation. It’s such a cloudy mystery. All that aside i think that Chris Benoit is up there with the best to ever do it: Dynamite Kid, Bret Hart, Mitsuharu Misawa, Kenta Kobashi, Toshiaki Kawada, Jumbo Tsuruta, Jericho, Owen Hart, Benoit was that good.

  • Tookie

    but would you even be saying umaga if he hadn’t just recently died? i mean really

  • Calix

    Idk. How about umaga in the hof.

  • RDWR

    benoit the wrestler maybe but not benoit the person.

  • fdgfdgdfgfd

    UMAGA !

  • Mabry

    a got so much mixed feeling about this. I voted yes, but still i kinda doubt. What he did is certanly not O.K., and its not just a “mistake” as someone said. He wasnt caught smoking pot, he killed his family. so if one thinks obout that than he souldnt.
    Now on the other hand…. i dont know how many guys have given to this busines what Benoit did. His whole life was all about wrestling. I read some comments from i dont remember what wrestler, saying that the only thing Benoit talked about was wrestling. It was his life and passion and he gave it all for it, including his health. so if it about wrestling he really should be inducted, its all about what you give to the business and the fans. One of my favs WM moments even after what happened was seing him winning the big one at the main event.
    now if there is something i hate, is that wwe has washed their hands about this. Am pretty sure everyone knew what he was going threw so indirectly i think they do have some guilt on this, cause they just didnt care about doing anything about his situation……

  • NuclearShadow

    People need to come to understand the reason why did he what he did was actually directly related to his wrestling career. The many concussions and other head injuries left him with a serious medical condition that is known to cause people to act violent, depressed, paranoid, and other symptoms.

    If there is any person that deserves to be in the hall of fame it is Chris Benoit. Not only to honor this man for his talent but to use him as a example onto why athletes that are at risk need to be tested for this condition.

  • Jess

    he killed his child. that’s not ok.

    and by the way do you know how much heat wwe would get for doing that… they’d never risk that

    and oj was already in the hall of fame before he was tried for killing his wife

  • Ruthie

    I think he should be in the HOF because he was a great wrestler. I think that the WWE should start mentioning him again and induct him. It doesn’t really matter what he did, all that matters is that he had a great wrestling career. He should be remembered for being a great person, not because he killed himself and his family.

  • Andrew_Gigan

    why just consider? he SHOULD be IN th hallf of fame. the things he accomplished were great. just a small example would be that he was one of two to win royal rumble from #1.

  • BDM

    The “Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame is because he was one greatest athletes of all time. So he made a mistake who hasn’t. He should be reconized and remembered for what he did in the ring not outcasted for what he did near the end of his career. He should be reconized for his abilities in the ring and thanked for giving just about everything he had to entertain the WWE Universe and for 7 year of the greatest matches that I have ever seen in my life. As far people in the hall of fame goes I think that there are alot of people in the hall of fame in other sports that didn’t really do anything to deserve to be there. Benoit on the other hand gave his blood, his sweat and his tear to the WWE and I think that the WWE should pay him the respect that he deserves. Alot of people make mistakes, they have done some things in their lives that they are not proud of like Micheal Phelps for example he did drugs during the Olympics and still got to keep the medals that he won during the Olympics, so why shouldn’t the WWE let Chris Benoit become a member of WWE Hall of Fame and let him be remembered for everything that he did in the WWE through out his 7 year career.

  • Exusninja

    My thoughts on this plain and simple…
    I absolutely loved watching this guy
    was a great athlete
    was a great champion
    was a technical genius
    was a great performer
    is a MURDERER
    concussions, paranoia, drugs, dementia aside, a persons actions define him from birth to death… not only one part of him. We aren’t taking about something small here folks. I loved watching this guy and i can’t even bring myself to watch any of his matches without picturing that little boy of his.
    This guy if he didn’t cowardly commit suicide to get out of life in prison would be vilified and hated and probably be deserved on death row
    There would be now argument about HOF if he were alive. NO CHANCE NO WAY.
    He didn’t serve any time like tyson or pete rose and if we can’t even forgive steroids in baseball why should we or even want to forgive a MURDERER.

  • Matt denHaring

    If you think his is worthy for the Hall of Fame, but if that is the case, then Pete Rose should go to the Baseball HOF, not for what he did personally, but what he did for the sport.

  • steven bowmaker

    why not induct him. it was probably the concussions caused the brain damage NOT drugs, so he probably didnt even know what he was doing. YES it was a tradgedy but his in ring talent should be remembered.

  • Rob

    Its a Wrestling Hall of Fame and Chris was one of the best technical wrestlers ever, of course he should be in it regardless of what he did.

  • TJ

    Considered -Yes, voted in -NO .

  • Damien Phoenix

    We should be remember for his Wrestling and not for what he did.

  • Danarchy

    Tough Choice It’ll Prob Never Happen Tho

  • Dwayne

    No never, a murderer should never get an award like this even after his death.

  • Trevante harrison

    i say yes because he accomplished so much and it shouldnt go to waist it should go to hall of fame,and plus he was one of the best wwe superstars in the indistry.

  • Aaron

    Something seriously went wrong in his head and that’s not his fault. He should be remembered for how fantastic he was in the ring. I’m not sure we will ever see it though.

  • Jibran

    Ofcourse! The Hall of Fame induction is in respect of contributions made to the wrestling business…not what a person does in his or her personal life.

  • Jerky

    He probably should be inducted, will he? I doubt it.

  • Ryan

    OJ was aquitted of the murder charges against him. It would be interesting though to see if anyone convicted of murder is in any hall of fame. I do believe Benoit should be in though. He was a great athlete and performer. He accomplished a lot in his career and does deserve some recognition. Would make for one interesting induction ceremony…

  • baddog_1_2k

    I was a huge benoit fan he was one of my all time favs I do think he should have the oppertunity to be inducted but it will take many years before that can happen owen savage LOD there are so many to induct I just don’t think it will ever get to the point were someone will say what about chris? he was on a talent level like jerhico or the hitman and I would have no problem with him going in OJ is in the nfl hall of fame they didn’t take him out

  • sky_queen3

    Hmm, tough question, I want to say yes for what he contributed to the business but if I say that people will think I’m ok with murder so…

  • OD2

    Yes, He Should Be Considered For The Hall Of Fame,I Think Just Like The People That Really Loved Chris And Forgive Him For What He Did To His Family. Do Not Hate Him You Can’t Know For Sure What Happened There In 100% !!! Chris Benoit Is For Real. R.I.P

  • Antoine

    yeah he killed his wife and kid but he was a hell of an athlete.