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  • The Rock

    End it. i thought it was after they said it last week, yet they keep on doing it, hopefully the rock coming next week will tak attention away from them

  • JRoD

    its making WWE look like a joke, which making it PG already made it a joke…

  • Sam Peters

    Some have been good, most have been bad, End it

  • Thekingfinallyjoinsin

    it been hit or miss

  • RIch

    i liked william shatner tho

  • Damien Phoenix

    It’s good for ratings, but I would like to see something else different like a pernament GM for Raw. If Bret ever decided to stay with the WWE I can see him pull it off.

  • Tim

    they should end it after The Rock hosts.

  • Mr Jayz

    Obscure celebrities hosting Monday Night Raw the flagship of the WWE….Vincent Kennedy McMahon you have lost your touch

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