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Sid Responds to Reby Sky, Reby Responds to Sunny, Shannon Moore Shares His Thoughts

– We noted before that Matt Hardy’s girlfriend Reby Sky spoke out about WWE Legend Psycho Sid returning to RAW this past Monday night after he no-showed independent wrestling events recently. Here is what Sky wrote:

“That piece of sh*t Sid no-shows almost EVERY show in the last yr but prances onto Raw. Please tell us again how much u LOVE “the business””

“Guess he managed not to “lose his wallet” this time. Sad thing is, now that he got 10 more mins of fame he’ll get more bookings to NO-SHOW.”

“F*CK people like that. You f*ck with peoples’ time, money & professional integrity because you’re too much of a douche to keep your word”

“I’m all for hustlin, but BLACKMAILING promotors into giving you more $ after threatening not to show then STILL not showing after they do… Makes me sick. ”

This brought out WWE Hall of Famer Sunny, who lashed out at Sky:

“WOW! Just read something about Reby Sky, who is only known for being Matt Hardy’s girlfriend going off about my good friend Sid Vicious…Like she has room to talk? Who is she? NO ONE! And she was completely disrespectful to the locker room at a show I was on with her… OOOHH just WAIT til I see her*t’s gonna fly! One thing I’ve always stood by, you always show respect for those who have seniority in this business.. she’s too dumb and ignorant to know that. I was raised Old-school by the right people, and she deserves an Old school ass whipping…. she disrespected me and the entire locker room on the show I was on with Matt… I’ll never say I was on a show with HER. Matt and I have been friends for years….I’m surprised she hasn’t learned a little bit. Regardless if he no-shows or not, someone like her has no right to disrespect someone like him! Sid likes to play his softball…everyone knows it.”

Former WWE and TNA wrestler Shannon Moore, who is a known friend of Matt Hardy, agreed with Sunny and chimed in:

“Sid is great. He worked with 3 Count in WCW and worked hard. If you have been in the biz for 3 min your opinion don’t fn count. Thanks Sid!!”

“Why do people that have done nothing in the biz want to trash legends. Karma is a bitch.Shut up if you trying to actually make it !”

“@WWEHOFerSunny You proved your point and made a big impact for the chicks.They have no clue what being a Pro is.”

Sky replied to Sunny late last night via Facebook:

“So the fact that I don’t agree with how someone conducts themselves professionally gives another a right to threaten me ? Everyone has a “Sunny story”, but no one can ever say I’m anything but professional & respectful to everyone I’ve ever worked with / beside … unless they’re mad. YOU MAD ?

In any case, I believe I owe you a thank you, Sunny, as I was recently offered a movie role that was written for you – but since you were too unreliable – was passed on to me. Perhaps if you weren’t more concerned with doing things that landed you in H*zelden that would have never happened, but I guess reliability isn’t a priority for you. Or Sid.

It’s a small world, and if you’re that anxious to see me again I’m sure there are plenty out there who would be more than happy to arrange that. If you can manage to show up, that is.”

Finally, Sid exchanged friendly comments with Sunny on Twitter and wrote:

“Reby Sky can say whatever she wants. I don’t mind. Since when has her opinion on me mattered?I’m not going argue or stoop to her level.Sorry”

“@WWEHOFerSunny Do not worry about her. Not worth out time. Thank you though. Thank you and I understand. Doesn’t matter what people say though. I loved being on RAW. Bottom line.”

  • Nitro

    While everyone has a right to express their opinion, that girl’s voice is practically nothing in the business, it’s like some kid who’s barely entering college harshly voicing negative comments about a student who’s already enrolled on the school’s masters or doctorate programs, NO ONE in the college will take the young kid’s comments seriously and everyone will just laugh at him/her

  • YES! 3X

    @Shawn. You’re acting like Im bashing her for not washing her hands before dinner or something. She was a talentless drug-addicted skank who went down on the entire locker room in multiple organizations.

    She acts like she paved the way for all the divas. Last time I
    checked hot female valets have been around for decades. And Sunny never wrestled. The likes of Trish Stratus, Lita, Jacqulyn, etc are who paved the way for female “wrestlers”.

    Some fans will defend anyone and everyone who was around during the attitude era.

  • rko

    Yeah I want to see reba sky rip Scott Steiner. What transpires would be awesome!

  • Tommy

    Reba Sky, who the fuck really care about her?

  • shawn

    dude, what are you? her mother? so what?

  • YES! 3X

    Sid as always playing things really cool. Kudos to him.

    But Sunny has no business talking about being a professional. She snorted more coke, popped more pills, and gave out more blowjobs in the 90s than the cast of a cheap porno.

  • sammy

    Reba Sky is kinda right. Sid no shows his independent shows, but when its time to be on Raw he’s ready to be on it. That sucks big time.

  • poko

    Reby Sky probably does have a point, and if she’s right then it really doesn’t matter how long she’s been in wrestling, but starting a Twitter war probably isn’t going to accomplish anything positive.

    Sunny, however, is the last person who should be criticizing anyone. As much as I used to like her when I was a kid, and I admit to having a crush on her, she’s been a virtual female version of Scott Hall since.

    Sid is the only one who has handled this properly. Everyone else should take a cue from him.

  • Jimbo

    Sid taking the high road. That’s awesome.

  • yofits

    Sid rules, Fatt Lardy is fat and Reby sky is wait .. who?

    and Sunny, I know I want her.

  • Monty

    I think people have missed the point. The argument is not about who has been wrestling the longest, its about business. There are promoters going on Sids word that he will show up. I bet any reader would be pissed off if someone, said they would turn up for their event and didnt show. Its not disrespecting Sid as a wrestler, its letting people know that Sid cannot be trusted when making business relations.

  • Buttercastle

    She got offered a movie role? I’m sure it will be a summer blockbuster if they chose her to be in it.

  • xXx

    props to Sid for not shooting back.. and i got lost with all the shannon moore stuff

  • nin

    with big poppa pump rants on tna hogan and bishoff, this stuff with sky and sunny, and the stuff with konnon and chavo sr sometimes reading all these stuff is more entertaining then watching a raw or a tna show

  • kk

    I’m going to share my thoughts about them as well… FUCK THEM ALL!

  • Logan

    It’s messed up for Sid to no show shit happens, but this girl has only been wrestling for what 2years? I don’t think shes in that place/status to talk trash to two legends. And props for Sid for staying classy (San Diego…sorry)

  • yofits

    Fatt Lardy will not diet!