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Sid Vicious Arrested On Drug Charges

Former WWF and WCW talent Sidney Eudy (a/k/a Sid Vicious) was arrested Friday in Memphis, Tennessee after police pulled him over for driving without wearing a seatbelt.

The officer noticed a bag containing 18 grams of marijuana sitting on an armrest of Eudy’s car.

Eudy was charged with marijuana possession, driving without a license, and not wearing a seatbelt. He was released on $1,000 bond.


  • JOE

    real orignal teddyg

  • He’s just after Jeff Hardy’s spot in TNA!!

  • Justin

    If he had half the brain that you do, he would have sold it!

  • bllodstone

    omfg so he had weed who cares their people in this world doing a hell of lot more worse things than smoking pot . and to you people crying like he did something so bad get a life

  • dont ask

    it doesnt say anywhere that he was driving under the influence, he was charged with possesion driving without a seat belt and a suspended drivers licence

  • Joe

    Nothing wrong with a little pot, I wish they would legalize the stuff. It would be great for the economy. But “don’t ask”, doing it while driving is definitely a bad thing that deserves penalties.

  • Sammo

    This would never have happened to Sid Justice.

  • dont ask

    you guys need to shut the fuck up about wrestling and drugs, let alone weed, don’t panic its organic it grows in the ground so STFU

  • Joe

    Note to self: Next time you’re pulled over by a cop, DON’T LEAVE MARIJUANA ON THE ARM REST.

  • effmenow

    Yeah because smoking really means your a kid James….

  • James Mills

    Some people never grow up

  • Nick

    Follow Scott Hall on twitter, he posts all sorts of shIT, Sid called him after it happened!

  • J-J

    Drug charges? I think I hear TNA calling him offering him their world title…

  • oxslangshoot

    jeff sold him some stuff


    geek a bimp is comeing 2.3.11

  • Jur

    Hopefully they will.

  • Nick

    maybe wwe will rehire him now lol