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Sin Cara Claims Innocence With Drug Test Failure, Denies Using Steroids

Sin Cara, who was suspended Monday by WWE for violating their Talent Wellness Program, spoke to Mexican newspaper The Record to claim his innocence.

The masked grappler says he was informed by WWE officials that he tested positive for steroids. He requested clarification on the matter and noted that he would be meeting with company officials this week.

Cara said many medications contain steroids and he believes a routine injection to his knee to alleviate persistent pain triggered a false positive. He denied taking steroids, noting that he isn’t built like a person who uses them.

Regarding his real name being made public, which is considered taboo in lucha libre, the SmackDown Superstar said it was wrong but fans are more interested with seeing his face.

The full article, which contains audio, is available here. reports that Sin Cara failed a drug test in June. He told officials that he could produce a prescription for the substance he tested positive for, but was unable to satisfactorily do so after several weeks.

  • The Man

    Neither does Rey Mysterio but I recall him being implicated in PED’s

  • venom

    I know this is a bad start for him, but Dolph Ziggler went through the same thing, and he is still here. I know Sin Cara will be back but they might hold him up from his push a little longer.

  • Jimbo

    His urine test got hacked.

  • Me


    As a result of Smackdown star Sin Cara’s WWE future coming into question due to his recent suspension, it’s being reported that Rey Mysterio is slated for a major push heading into SummerSlam. In fact, it’s being said that something rather huge is being planned for Rey at the SummerSlam PPV and the next night’s Raw, which emanates from Rey’s hometown of San Diego, CA.

    In related SummerSlam news, it’s being reported that Randy Orton vs Christian for the World Heavyweight Title, in a no-disqualification match, is being discussed for the annual PPV.

  • Adrian

    Got a point, Sin Cara has never been built like someone who would need to take roids. It seems pretty pointless.

  • Starship Pain

    Maybe the steroids are just a screen to hide cocaine. When he was Mistico, he was caught in the airport with cocaine… but he was let go (he paid the officers, for sure…)

    But don’t believe me. But it can be.

  • SusyRko

    aalllberto del riiiiiiio (Rícardo Rodríguez voice)

  • Justin

    He should just use Bartolo Colon treatment.

  • mark

    I think this will be sorted out and will be back. I believe him

  • Andy

    To be fair to him, as he said, he’s not built like someone who uses steroids. If I was Sin Cara and I had been using I’d take them back and kick off!

    That said, I’m not overly fussed on him and won’t be until they start lighting the arena properly during his matches and/or see some sort of personality from him. Not gonna miss him!