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Sin Cara & Del Rio Return to Mexico, WWE SD vs. RAW 2012 News, Skidmarks Update

– Former WWE Tough Enough contestant Ryan “Skidmarks” Howe appeared at the OVW TV tapings this week, defeating Elvis Pridemore in a dark match.

– Alberto Del Rio and Sin Cara have made their returns to Mexico on WWE’s current tour of the country. At last night’s show in Guadalajara, Del Rio came out to a babyface pop from the crowd and began cutting a promo in Spanish. Del Rio turned on the fans and got heat before teaming with CM Punk to lose to Big Show and Kofi Kingston.

At the same show, Sin Cara came out to an even bigger pop and defeated Dolph Ziggler. Cara’s appearance brought “Mistico” chants from the crowd.

– THQ reportedly held the first meetings yesterday to begin planning WWE’s SmackDown vs. RAW 2012 video game.

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  • Since they’re this far behind already, you can expect SVR2012 to not be that much different from SVR2011.

  • ChrisDV

    There’s actually a simpler way for THQ to improve these games – They need to spend more than 6 months making these games & rushing them out of the door in time for Christmas.


    They need to remake Here Come the Pain or get something close to it, HCTP was arguably the best game in the franchise. SVR2011 was boring to me for real, kind of a waste of money. The RTW sucked and universe mode got bring after a while.

  • jimbo jones

    universe mode was okay, but they need to make it to where you can determine your own #1 contenders and defend your titles anytime you want and not just at ppvs. Thats what killed the universe mode to me. i did like the fact however, that the game itself would build its own rivalries and unions.

  • dgnr83d

    please dont include the wwe universe mode in svr12

  • Jimmy

    @ mannul. I guessed you missed the hype on the all stars game. Either that or you just want to wine.

  • venom

    Dolph always loses to guys with masks. lol. Vintage Mysterio.

  • Mannul

    They need a whole new game already. Enough with the SDvsRAW every single year. They need a whole new game with a new engine and new name.

  • Jerky

    I third that motion! It’s the only thing that really gives SvR any replayability! Enough with these lame “Road to Wrestlemania” linear bullcrap storyline playthroughs!

    I remember the old days… some of the first Smackdown games, Know Your Role, Just Bring It or something else, where the ‘career’ modes would differ from play to play! You did it before so do it again! It’s what we loved! And get rid of Universe mode… It’s bullshit!

  • RCA

    @David, couldn’t agree more. Also, bring back PPV mode, I actually enjoyed that mode for what it was.

  • David

    For the love of God WWE, we want GM mode!!!

  • Symbiote

    Poor Dolph! They cut his hair & make him a job to a guy with flashy moves.