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Sin Cara Doing Fine After HIAC, Ziggler on Not Cashing In, More

– Kane gets the Superstar Spotlight on WWE’s website today.

– Dolph Ziggler had promised for weeks that he would cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase at Hell In a Cell but did not. Ziggler spoke to cameras after the pay-per-view and said he didn’t cash in because he’s not a dummy and doesn’t announce when he will cash in ahead of time. Ziggler says anyone who believed he would cash in is a sheep like the rest.

– WWE cameras also spoke with Rey and Cara after the match. Rey said their win at Hell In a Cell only makes them stronger going forward. Rey translated for Cara as he talked about the spot in their match where Cara landed on his head. Cara saw a doctor backstage and everything was good. He was knocked out for a split second when the spot first happened but apparently he is fine now. reports that there was concern over Cara after the spot first happened on TV but it was not a hot topic backstage so apparently he’s fine.

  • StudDog

    Why is having Cena win so predictable? That is what everyone was saying before the last WM, yet the Rock won.

    SEMPER FI!!!

  • Pete

    I know this is very unlikely, but have him cash in at wrestlemania, rock vs cena, have rock retain cause having cena win is predictable, and then have dolph cash it in in some way (even though the case if for WHC) It would have people talking about it

  • IrishRhyno

    Raw would be a good time to cash in,have Sheamus brouge kick Show as revenge then Ziggler cash in

  • Best In The World

    the masks rey and cara wear are awesome

  • I feel em on that.Out of nowhere. But before 2013 please? Unless Wrestlemania.

  • xXx

    ..and when he’s champion he should get his old perfection titantron back. he won’t need to show anything to the world anymore.

  • When Dolph’s music hits to cash in the crowd better erupt