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Sin Cara Removed From SmackDown Intro, Domino Comments On Return Rumors

— Tonight’s episode of SmackDown has already aired overseas and Sin Cara has been removed from the intro.

The masked grappler is currently serving a 30-day suspension due to his first violation of WWE’s Talent Wellness Program. Though he is advertised for upcoming events, the Wrestling Observer reports that WWE may terminate their partnership with him after his suspension concludes.

— Cliff Compton (a/k/a Domino) indicated on Twitter that the chances of him returning to WWE are highly unlikely.

He wrote, “I will return to WWE when Axl and Slash reunite.”

The former WWE star is comparing the situation to Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose’s relationship with former bandmate Slash, as the two haven’t spoken since the mid-90s. Rose said two years ago that there was no chance that they would reunite – saying that one of the pair would “die” before such an event could occur.

— Former WWE Superstar Chavo Guerrero is advertised to appear at Sports Fever II 97 Barclay Ave. Staten Island, New York on Saturday, August 20 from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. E-mail for more information.


  • bonerjams

    It’s shouldnt be sin cara’s fault the other wrestlers dont know the lucha libre style.
    Alberto del rio ain’t going nowhere either way.

  • adam

    Del rio is awesome he wont go anywere for a while. As for sin cara his promo videos and first few matches were good but he did botch a bunch of moves one almost seriously injuring primo when he fell off the top rope trying to do that spanish fly. Also kaz thats the orginal name of the move u did not make it. I mean he is ok but he wasnt going to go that far anywere because he couldnt talk and you have to change the lightings and put him on the second show to hide the botches and change the lighitng so the live crowd cant see the botches its not going to look good. THe thing is though this looks real bad on triple h his 2 big signings not panning out. But hopefully his otehr ones in the KOW’s and if he brings back colt those will work better.

  • CM Mark

    I dare, and I will continue to dare.

    Del Rio is poopy.

  • Nicholas G

    You know it funny the whole Sheamus face turn to me started when he put Sin Cara through a Ladder. But really never really see any big thing is Sin Cara. Put how dare somebody compare Sin Cara to Del Rio saying he going to be the next one gone. Don’t think Del Rio is going anywhere for a long long time. Del Rio is hear to stay an is going to be a great WWE champion.

  • shawn

    @Shawn yeah sweet deal. 2 things i like in one story post.

  • CM Mark

    You’re probably right, it still doesn’t mean I have to like the guy.

  • Buttercastle

    True that nick. You figure that if you go to the “big leagues” that people there would be able to keep up with you.

  • nick is awsome says:

    if you have to water down or change your wrestling style for a company than you dont belong there in the first place if you cant wrestle your style you have wrestled for so many years becuse its to fast or dangerous for the wwe style why want to be there

  • Taylor1918

    I’d like Sin Cara more without the lighting ;p

  • phoenix

    Nah CM Mark i usually agree with you but as a business point of view they got to keep some latins around besides Rey. The only shame that will come from this is that he didn’t fight Rey M yet and show how slow he as gotten over the years.

  • CM Mark

    Glad to see him gone. Now can we get rid of Del Rio Armbar Man please?

  • lew

    Sin cara is good and he is mad over with the crowd wwe fucks up again

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    WOW so WWE hypes the crap out of Sin Cara and after the first offence, hes gone?

  • TheMark

    He’s a botchfest anyway.

  • venom

    Is it because WWE doesn’t want him back? If he doesn’t want to return, then what is he doing that is so important?

  • Shawn

    Sweet, so W-E is a wrestling -AND- Guns ‘N Roses information website now.