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Sin Cara Scheduled for Monday’s RAW, Trish on TV, New Maria Movie Teaser

– Below is a new teaser for The Purple Plague, a new horror movie featuring former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis:

– Trish Stratus will be appearing on CBC’s Steve and Chris Show in Canada next Tuesday to demonstrate her workout featured in Oxygen magazine.

– As of now, Sin Cara is scheduled to work Monday’s RAW in Chicago, IL. Most likely it will be in a dark match. He is also scheduled for this weekend’s RAW live events. There are already some WWE talents who are a bit upset about Cara being brought straight to the main roster.

  • E

    Who cares about sin cara, he’ll be just like the rest of these wrestlers with a big hype only to have a spot at the main roster for a couple months then start jobbing to everybody without talent.

  • tyler

    Sin Cara is not on the main roster yet

  • Bob Saget

    Alright that trainwreck of a “movie” has no plot, a wierd look, and looks like it should be one of those “horror” movies that comes on at 3 in the morning so no one in their right minds has to watch it

  • Trixie

    @Chris: Maria didn’t leave, she got fired.

    But that ‘movie’ looks really stupid.

  • Rucdogg

    i agree eric, and i would def watch that one

  • David

    Shouldn’t Sin Cara be on WWE NXT Season 6 before Raw or Smackdown as no one who has wrestled outside WWE is considered a Superstar anyone and have to earn it through NXT apart from Del Rio who was too good he was a pro instead.

  • Eric Nixon

    I think she’d make more money, and keep more of her dignity, doing porn.

  • mark

    what does she look like?

  • mj


  • adam

    i wouldnt call that a horror movie Horrible yes.

  • Chris

    @Hombre Malo

    The filmmakers probably wanted a retro feel to the movie or some bs like that…instead of admitting it looks like that because they spent $1367 to produce it!

  • Hombre Malo

    Wow this movie looks like an old SegaCD or 3DO game.

  • CC

    So which ‘talents’ who are upset with him being brought straight to the main roster? My guess is nobody, just like all the bullshit rumours of wrestlers in WWE or TNA having heat, when blatantly its not true.
    At the end of the day, who cares if anyone is upset about it. The decision is down to creative and Vince. If you dont like it, go tell Vince, and then see how long it is before you are making films like Purple Plague as well.

  • George

    Maria got released.

  • Chris

    Why did Maria leave?

    I think she got jaded and thought playboy was going to lead to a respectable career…err…nice try

  • M.C.

    I didn’t even watch the trailer, & I can tell that “purple plague” is a bad movie.

  • Seth

    Holy crap. WWE rescue her!

  • cory smith

    thats the gayest thing i’ve aver seen in my life

  • starz

    lol maria u look like a fool!!

  • sroeballs

    Oh God, shame on you Maria. This looks like absolute cock.