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Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara Angle Scheduled, Kaitlyn Appearing At 2011 Olympia Expo

— Tuesday night on SuperSmackDown, Sin Cara (portrayed by WWE developmental wrestler Hunico) blasted Daniel Bryan with a kick to the head following his victory over the former ROH World Champion. This was done because creative was told that the original Sin Cara, Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde, is returning to feud with his imposter.

— Gaspari Nutrition will host the sports nutrition and supplementation industry’s first ever live broadcast from the Joe Weider’s 2011 Olympia Expo, September 16-17, 2011 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. WWE Diva Kaitlyn, a former fitness model, will host live interviews from the Gaspari Nutrition booth. More details are available here.

— WWE returns to the Germain Arena in Estero, Florida on December 16, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets go on sale September 17, 2011 at 10:00 p.m.


  • Justin Sane

    One: Hunico doesn’t do all of Cara’s complex moves. He just does a few springboards and most of his own moves.
    Two: It’s kind of hard to “tell a story in the ring” when you’re told to jump all over the place and score a victory. They won’t allow him to have just a full match. It’s all jump, fly, win.
    Three: He’s not the one that places the damn trampoline in that certain area. So he has to jump the best he can. Hell, Hunico botched the entrance, too. It’s not like they can just go, “Oh, the trampoline isn’t in the right spot. Let me stop in the middle of my run, fix the trampoline, go back behind the curtain, and do my entrance completely over again.”

  • Bill

    @venom, same.

    As for this feud, God smite WWE creative if neither of them talks at all during the feud.

  • venom

    I thought the Original sin Cara was as good as done with the company.

  • Edo. Risk

    Kane vs. Kane (fake) and Undertaker vs. Undertaker (fake) were horrible fued because the fake one disapered afterward with no traces.

    If WWE stays with Hunico, and Hunico comes as an oportunistic that took the CARA caracter to make it to the big leags then it can be something.

    CARA (real) is having problems because his offense is very unique and excentrique so the guys dont exacly know how to follow, plus he dosent speak english so is figting a mute. But his last matches were getting better (Evan Bourne; Christian and the bit of the MITB)

    On the Bret / Goldberg incedent, read ‘HITMAN’, Golberg droped him in the corner botched in the back of the head, hit im on the ribes in the corner (botching 2), and then the kick… (End of Carrer). Thats sad, Bret says its not GOLBERG fault because he’s a big mule who wasent properly trained, in resume we lost the best wrestler of all, and got a guy with 3 moves.

  • Clench

    @Ryan, Bret never admitted nothing because it wasn’t his fault. It was all Goldberg. Bret said in his book that Goldberg called for a kick. When he shot off Bret from the ropes, he said “watch the kick”. It could be any kick from heel kick, drop kick, big boot, high knee etc. He didn’t specify, Bret went with it anyways and came out to a full force big boot that eventually ended his career. Get your shit straight

  • Ricardo

    DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling: that’s exactly it.

  • mark

    sounds like a good storyline, trouble is how the fans going to tell which one is which in a match if they wear the same colour wrestling gear

  • Centerman

    I actually like the idea of a clone feud. I’ll be darn.

  • gEtOnMyLeVeL

    @Ryan If I kick you in the head how the hell is it your fault? Watch the clip of Bret Hart’s injury and explain how his head was guilty of the botched move. Til then I’m gonna go ahead and blame goldberg for the hole in bret hart’s head.

  • StudDog

    Ok if it is his opponents botching the moves then why do they only botch them with mistico and not so much with hunico?

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    It is usually his opponents that botch? We must be watching 2 different shows on Friday… It is a tossup who botches more, Sin Cara or Morrison when he uses StarShip Pain. You’d have to be a huge Cara mark to defend that guy and lie to yourself, blaming the opponents.

  • nick

    i cant wait for undertaker vs undertaker

  • Ricardo

    This so-called Mistico has been there for a couple of months. He screwed up every match he’s ever been in. He even screws up his own entrance. It’s amazing how the internet embraced this stunt midget as something of value. He is a juicer, he has no charisma, no ability to tell a story in the ring, and guess what: he doesn’t even speak English. Goldberg and Batista master of botches? Those two had years and years in a WCW/WWE ring, a highly televised product with highly skeptical fans. They missed moves – everybody does. But they knew what they were doing. Apparently, to a certain kind of fans, flying around the ring with weak, low-impact moves is all it takes to be entertained.

  • Liam Catterson

    So we’e reliving the past now, instead of 2 Kane’s, we have 2 Sin Cara’s

  • bonerjams

    Hey botching is a form of art dont u forget that lol

  • Ryan

    you do realize that it was bret hart that messed up that spot that caused his injury. Even Bret Hart admitted that it was him that fucked up and not Goldberg.

  • simon07

    I hope one of them gets a different coloured mask. The ‘evil’ one should have a red mask. : P

  • Damien Phoenix

    @josh: What are you talking about didn’t you know botching is his style that’s what makes him so great it’s because he follows the style well lol

  • @UntouchableFA08

    @Chryogenos he probably use the silver attire from the MITB match

  • Chryogenos

    That will be a really good match, it souns like Kane vs Imposter Kane, but this time both are goinng to be dressed the same way, unless Mistico gets a new Attire!

  • Jimbo

    Sweet, I can’t wait until they release an entire Botchamania DVD featuring just this feud.

  • josh

    Master of Botches is Sabu. He’s in almost every Botchamania video

  • Joe2

    Mmm, it is either Batista….or Goldberg…. Dude did pretty much end Bret Hart’s career

  • cabrera1234

    tiger mask from japan has wrestle a guy name black tiger who like his evil twin or something. i wonder what the evil sin cara name will be in wwe?

  • Johnny Nitro

    @Justin Sane you took the words out of my mouth!

  • Oh yeah justin sane. Its his opponents botching the entrance jump into the ring.ur an idiot..he’s the king of botches

  • princeofpunkx

    Great idea WWE, but i feel like this was done before Taker vs. Taker, Kane vs. Kane and we all know how those ended

  • Justin Sane

    Master of the botches? I think that title still belongs to Batista. Sin Cara doesn’t botch. It’s usually his opponents because they don’t know how to sell his moves. Now that he’s returning to face a fellow masked luchador, the matches should be pretty much on point. I’m pretty excited because that springboard senton-lionsault combo isn’t much of a finisher for “Sin Cara.”

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I knew it was too good to be true… Master of the botches returning hurray!

  • Isaiah

    Oh My god people on the internet are actually smart! It is Cara Vs Cara. Well what do ya know. Sucks for Hunico though.