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Sin Cara Speaks Out, Another WWE Encyclopedia Coming Soon, More

– Actor Hugh Jackman told USA Today in a new interview that he trained with legendary boxer Sugar Ray Leonard for his movie Real Steel. Regarding Jackman’s punch to WWE United States Champion Dolph Ziggler on RAW a few weeks back, Sugar Ray said:

“He delivered a punch that found its target. That’s all I care about. It put a stamp on my job. I’m proud.”

– WWE’s website has a new article up looking at the history from Mexico between the two Sin Caras. The blue Sin Cara said:

“Many WWE fans may see us as identical because we have a very similar style of wrestling. However, we do take different approaches to our styles. We match up very well, but I believe my pedigree and training at the hands of my father and uncle make me a little better.”

– WWE is planning to release a sequel to their WWE Encyclopedia book, which came out last year. The book ended up on the New York Times Bestseller’s list. The sequel will be written by Brian Shields and Kevin Sullivan, who wrote the first one.

  • dan

    both sin caras have to be the least inspiring luchadors I’ve ever seen, and are truly testament to the wwe style, why get rid of psicosis , super crazy and juventud just to give two people the same gimmick that have half the talent, charmisma or english language skills?

  • KitKrock

    Get rid of the fucking dim lights and then we’ll talk.

  • MJ

    It would be a great feud if they talked. i understand some of the in ring stuff is cool but to build a feud you have to talk and if only one of them talks that not really a good feud. all they do is point at the crowd and see if the crowd knows who the real one is and the real one is the one who cant speak english.

  • venom

    The encyclopedia book came out in 2009. I like the Sin cara feud because they have a similar style. I know I am alone on this one. Better than Hogan and Sting feud going on right now.

  • B

    Just noticed Darren Young’s been suspended for Wellness Policy violation:

  • JIR

    Cara’s feud doesn’t have a good build up match wise they should be able to tear the house down and steal the show but they can’t talk at all and the whole thing feels rushed

  • TS93

    How do ppl NOT get into this feud? I love wrestlers with this style like the caras, mysterio, and del rio.