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Sin Cara Updates, Beth Phoenix Talks Divas Division, Punk WWE Mag Promo

– WWE has released a promo video for CM Punk’s “shocking interview” in the October issue of WWE Magazine:

– Beth Phoenix says she and Natalya are out to change the way the fans see the WWE Divas division. She wrote on Twitter:

“Its not the Divas Division that needs saving, but the WWE Universe. Myself and @NatbyNature are on a mission to make you change your minds.. As long as I can remember I have worked my butt off and been underappreciated while the crowd adores @RealKellyKelly and @EveMarieTorres… I am tired of looking and being the best and being passed over time and time again. Im done asking for approval. And just getting started. Proving my point. #DivasofDoom. Most of all, the WWE Universe WILL listen. Because We will MAKE YOU. #DivasofDoom.”

– Sin Cara has been working as a babyface, defeating Tyson Kidd, on the current WWE tour in France over the weekend. At yesterday’s show in Paris, Cara even stayed around the ring for a while and took photos with fans.

– Speaking of Cara, WWE has had him wearing his mask while out in public sight-seeing in France this weekend.

  • basketball with a grudge

    I would reckon the Sin Cara working as a face is Mistico. Yoshi Tatsu posted a picture on twitter of him and Sin Cara up the Eiffel Tower and the Cara in the pic looked more like Mistico than Hunico IMO. See for yourselves

  • Johnny Nitro

    @CC, @Liam Catterson and @Sam, what is so ridiculous about the news? It says that he has to be wear the mask while sight seeing, not wear the mask while doing WWE promotional work. That is the news, that even when he is in his “free time” he is wearing the mask, obviously because WWE wants him to promote the character as much as possible. Can you imagine people in Paris walking by a masked man?

  • Liam Catterson

    No Shit that Sin Cara has to wear his mask in public…Do they think us wrestling fans are idiots?!

  • CC

    @sam. Next he will be telling us that Rey wears his mask when doing shit like that was well, cause its not like they have never shown video footage of him doing that.
    I agree with you completely, news stories like this are either a sign of a slow news day or that he thinks everyone needs to be spoken to like a child.

  • venom


    I think the bipolar split personality was Randy Orton’s character during legacy.

  • donners

    i kinda like the idea of having a bi-polar/split personality wrestler – it’s never been done, and they could run with it until they decide to have the 2 caras feud……

    or just have both unmask and show themselves to be the bella twins.

  • sam

    Is middleton that short of news today that he said they made sin cara wear his mask while out in public…well isint that the whole thing about masked keep their face hidden

  • venom

    Which Sin Cara was working as a face?