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Singer Confirmed to Attend WrestleMania, Notes on Booker T and Domino

– In case you missed it, Booker T made his return to SmackDown last night as a member of the announce team and revealed his new Tough Enough coaching role. Booker T did a Spinarooni for the fans and received a great reaction for his return.

– Mike sent word that OVW Heavyweight Champion Cliff “Domino” Compton will be defending his title against Eugene on Saturday, February 19th in London, Kentucky at the London Optimist Club.

– Actress and singer Chili of TLC fame revealed on the Monday Night Mayhem show recently that she will be at WrestleMania 27 in Atlanta, where she lives. Chili and her family have been at several WWE shows over the past few years.

Chili also revealed that John Morrison was scheduled to appear on her What Chili Wants reality TV show during the second season but didn’t. She said: “He was actually going to be on my show, but he got back with his ex. I totally had a crush on him, and he thought I was kind of cute too, so we were really going to date. Then he & ‘Miss Thing’ got back together.” Presumably she is referring to Melina.