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Site News: Apologies for Downtime This Past Week, Giveaways Coming

We experienced a hack last week that just happened to occur during Chris Jericho’s return to WWE, when the site was already bogged down with a large amount of traffic.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience to our fans and the downtime. We are back now and have fixed everything, preventing this from happening in the future.

Thank you to all of our fans for understanding and being patient. Here’s to an awesome 2012!

To try and make up for the inconvenience, we will soon be giving away FREE wrestling t-shirts from Off The Top Wrestling Shirts. Stay tuned for contest details!

  • Soulshroude

    I have to give kudos. I checked a few of the other spoiler sites and they mostly sucked.

  • I do t have a plan B website. You guys have the easiest to view site. Glad your back up!

  • Jbrd

    Glad to see the site back..Cheers.

  • Tombstonepildriver

    Wrestling-Edge The only sight worth a damn! Dont waste my time on those others period.
    Glad your back up.

  • I hate hulk HOGan.

  • Dwaead

    Dang that Y2J bug finally struck!

  • ##

    I missed talking trash and giving 2 cents to everyone of these wrestling fans who get bored with a 3 month feud. Missed this site very much. BTW my shirt size is XL LOL

  • bonerjams

    Well it’s about time cause i require my daily dose of w-e everyday
    I was going loco crazy insane.

  • Bill

    I really wanted to see the reactionnto Jericho’s return, but W-E was down. Another site brought news, but didn’t feel the same. Good to have you back.

    Oh, & RAW IS [finally] JERICHO!!!!!!

  • Jeffro

    This is the only site I use and have been using it since 2000…Glad you guys are back!!!

  • simon07

    Great that you guys are back! I didn’t know what to do for day, your the only site i go on (wrestling sites). Ah well here’s to a good 2012!

  • tj

    glad to see the site back was having withdrawls

  • Monty

    I hate fuck’n hackers. I wish they would do something useful with their computer skills instead. Glad your back W-E, you rock.

  • Prince

    Glad the site is back up, I like it so much more than other sites. Just the layout, timeliness, and everything is better. So happy right now.

  • BestInTheWorld

    Good job guys on bringing the site back. Keep up the good work.

  • shawn

    tried the other sites, sucked.

    chris jericho has a different personality now and its quite the opposite of the one he left with. maybe later hell piss off the attitude era hopefuls by being an advocate of “PG”. i got a laugh on what he did last monday. “YEAHYEAHYEAH!” was pretty damned funny to me.

  • Boomski

    This is the only site I go to. Glad to see it back up.

  • Will Henderson

    during the outtage, i went to WrestleScoop as my main wrestling news site. i also got my news from WrestleZone, and a few other sites. good to see this back.

  • Jason

    It was the Y2J bug lol

  • Stevie P

    I missed you guys!

  • color analysis

    well since there wasnt an article yet im just going to say it. brodus is in the doghouse for spoling his debut and is not coming until the royal rumble

  • venom

    Yes PinksinCara, work was boring for me too. Without this site, I actually had to work.

  • adam

    wow that sucks allthough as for the large traffic i understand with jerichos come back. The hack i hate those people who fuck with stuff like that. I also had to go to my back up site or bleacherreport.

  • Mark

    welcome back, was wondering what happened. commenting on Jerichos return. I thought it was a bit weird

  • derick

    Just glad u r back up missed the updates and very board with out u

  • PinkSinCara

    Work was very boring without W.E.

  • BlaH

    glad its up and running again

  • TheTruth

    glad your back. had to go to for a little bit.

  • Ben

    Best site on the net welcome back

  • R8ted wrx

    Shit happens, but please don’t say you have fix things so it doesn’t happen in the future. Sites get hacked all the time no matter how secure the admins make it. Just happy it’s fixed and everyone can get back to getting the opinions out.

  • oh its cool bro i do not have a back up site that i can even stand witch is why i was so upset

  • Davey Zoo

    “My life sucked without you” – Kelly Clarkson

  • aircon

    glad you are back on 🙂

  • Ron Damon

    No wonder SmackDown felt a little different. I didn’t know the results.

  • JIR

    Good to have you guys back I was going to withdrawals man almost had to go to rehab for this jk

  • Gary

    I want that dam kamala t-shirt!!! welcome back, wa sit the same hacker that got kurts twitter lol

  • Bobby

    Im so happy. I thought maybe it was because of SOPA or some BS copyright reason. What a screwed up time we live in if my first thought was for some bogus reason instead of a simple reason.

    I always KNEW you’d come back. Thanks!!!!!

  • CAL

    I notice the site was down i had 2 to go to my plan B site glad u guys r back up