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[Site Notice] Comments Are Back, Visitors Please Read


We have decided to re-introduce the comments system back to W-E article postings. There is now a moderation system in place which means comments will be vetted before they are approved to the main site.

The reason we removed them before was due to idiots posting profanity and comments which were generally inappropriate and had no place on this kind of site or any other for that matter.

If this now happens, we will be able to ban your IP address. Not only from using the comment system, but the entire site if we chose to. So if you’re one of the idiots who did this before and plan on doing it again, please do so we can flush you out.

To everybody else, I hope you enjoy the return of the comments feature. There are many who use it properly and express some very articulate insight.


Amish Patel

  • Paton

    ah, this is great news, good to see some of the regulars posting too!

  • pandaa

    yay, actual wrestling disscusions now!

  • Rusty

    Nice to see comments back. I never realized how much I wanted to comment on these stories until it was taken away lol.

  • JLOVE69

    I thank you for bring this back!

  • Shawn

    Awesome. I really missed the comment system, since I always enjoy giving my $.02 on the articles. Looking forward to seeing (relavent) comments from other fans of wrestling. W-E rocks!

  • Billy Mays

    YAWHO!!! ABout time

  • Julia

    Childish behave is what those idiots were doing basically! As said a few times already now we can actually talk about Wrestling, and don’t have to worry about people trashing everything under the sun, from the guest host stuff to john cena.

  • XAV

    I know exactly who your talking about, they you talk about gay shit and eggy bottoms and nothing but bullshit like that.

  • sroeballs

    Great job Amish. Hopefully this flushes out the trolls. I don’t agree with banning bad language (im irish every second word out of my word is f&*k :)) but hopefully we can talk about wrestling without being called every name under the sun.

  • Jose Rodriguez 714

    ey dudes, good idea for this.


    Awesome now can we get some real comments on wrestling??? you guys should make a wrestling edge forum next 😛

  • C-Money

    Thanks Amish

  • VikingFan2487

    Good job Amish. The reason those people do those posts because they live in the basement with their mom’s and think profanity and sexual references are funny

  • FTR

    Good. I miss the old days.

  • rdjonge

    finally we can comment again 🙂

  • brody

    Excellent idea, returning the comments. Also an excellent idea, ip banning. Just because you’ve got a computer in front of you doesn’t mean you need to act like a kid.

  • Raziel

    Hopefully we can keep this around

  • Anon (the original)

    Finally, The Original Anon has come back to the W-E boards!!

    Thanks for putting the comments back on the website. I hope no-one will misuse this privilege like they had done before. And at least this time there is the vetting to deal with those idiots.

  • Botar

    I Love you Amish!! lol

  • Yep, they are exactly the idiots I was referencing in the original post. If they or anyone else decides to post anything of that ilk, all the better for me as I will now be able to ban them from using the feature completely. They have probably found a new hobby now anyway.

  • Keith Learmonth

    In reference to Poker Guy, i think they mean it as opposed to the usual comments that got posted here. there was a group of about three guys, who only ever talked about gay sex, and did so on nearly every article, making it nearly impossible to have any kind of discussion about wrestling. I’m assuming they’re the guys Amish Patel is trying to get rid of.

  • Fair point Poker guy, but I think the majority just wanted the ability to chat on this site when there were relevant news posts and what not.

  • baddog_1_2k

    Glad to see moderation now in effect I don’t think any of us would want to be affiliated with those morons.

  • Poker guy

    I’m puzzled by the majority of the comments like:

    “I missed getting the chance to chat about actual wrestling.”

    “Nice job now I can finally talk about wrestling here =)”

    “thanks for putting back it in, so I see what others thinkn about the topic”

    It’s like these people think this is the only place on the internet where people could talk about wrestling news. Like there aren’t a thousand messageboards dedicated to wrestling.

  • Patrick

    thanks for putting back it in, so I see what others thinkn about the topic

  • Kerry Alan

    thank you for puttin the comments feature back up.

  • Henry McArcher

    Nice job now I can finally talk about wrestling here =)

  • Mark

    thanks for bringing it back

  • I’m not sure, but if you were, I will soon find out 😀

  • CptCannabis

    Huzzah! I wasn’t one of the unmentionables was I?

  • Juggalo

    Absolutely. I missed getting the chance to chat about actual wrestling.

  • xCXVx

    I am SO happy you guys are doing this. I got so tired of all those ridiculous comments. Now we can actually discuss WRESTLING!

  • kemo

    I am glad that you are introducing the vetting process.