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Site Notice: Comments Are Back With Disqus, Please Read

Hi All,

Firstly, let me wish you all a Happy New Year and a continued thank you for visiting

As you’ll all be able to see, We have re-introduced the comments system back to and with it, the new Disqus platform, which I’m sure some of you have used before. It’s a much slicker more interactive tool than what we used previously.

For those unaware, the comments system was initially removed after one of our main advertisers disabled ad serving to W-E and consequently took away one of our main revenue sources – this is the same revenue that is used to keep the site running and cover costs for staff.

Fortunately, we were able to convince them that we could stop this happening in the future and they re-enabled ad serving. The Disqus platform is a much better tool for counteracting the minority which chose to be idiots, but if it does not, we are relying on you guys to let us know so we can deal with it as quickly as possible – if you see any instances of inappropriate language pertaining to hate, profanity, sex, drugs, etc. please e-mail and let us know ASAP – make it clear by putting something like ‘INAPPROPRIATE COMMENTS ON WRESTLING-EDGE’ in the subject title.

Thanks guys and we apologize for how long they were offline – we hope the comments are back and to stay.

  • CC

    and that solves the issue of false headlines does it? simple fact is people want to read stories they click on, think its going to be something good, then feel let down because of the shoddy writing. Once again, like Amish, the solution you seem to be suggesting is not to try and improve the site by tweaking things and suggesting things that may make things better, but to tell the people who visit here that their opinion is unimportant, Hell, I wish my boss had this attitude if there is a task I dont do so well.
    If the owners of this site are not willing to take on board constructive critiques, then no wonder its taken an advertiser threatening to withdraw sponsorship for them to finally do something about the idiots who were spamming the comments. Visitors had been complaining about that for years, yet got ignored.
    Seems the attitude here right now is “its my ball, and I decide who plays with it and how”

  • tombstonev2.0

    When you click on the article then look who wrote it before you read it. After all it is posted right at the top underneath the headline.
    I have not problem with Mark. Personally I think he does ok.

  • CC

    sorry, but until you click on an article, you dont know who has written it. Simple fact is, his headlines are often misleading, and I assume thats because he is trying to entice people to his stories by making them seem like something they are not.
    One of the biggest complaints on this site has always been the poor reporting from Marc Middleton.

    If you want to traffic to you site, instead of making such blase comments to your visitors, maybe you should take on board some of their comments and use them constructively to improve the site.

    There is no hate campaign or anything here, just simple home truths.
    Most people have no issue with Daniel Pena, but we dont know who writes the articles until we read them.

  • Shawn Bronald

    Glad to have comments back and hopefully the morons that ruined it before will stay far, far away. Thanks W-E!

  • tombstonev2.0

    So good to be able to comment once again. Love this site! Hope everyone understands that just because you do not agree with someone does not make them an idiot.

  • The Killswitch

    It’s more about how you use your words. A perfectly valid point can be made with or without swearing, but unnecessary hate speech, trolling and spam looks foolish regardless.. While I agree that censorship has its share of disadvantages, it also helps take out the garbage.

  • Solid

    If you know how to copy and paste, you’re hired! 😛

  • Jason Lentini

    Hopefully the few who screwed things up before are history

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Hopefully this works

  • CC

    hmmm, while I understand the need to moderate things better due to the ridiculousness of people like Yofits etc, I do not like the idea of censorship.

    Words are just words, that is all. If people find a swear word offensive, then they really do need to get to grips with life otherwise they will go through life being offended everyday. Censorship is a very poor way of trying to control people to other peoples ways of thinking.
    Yes, hate speech such as insulting someone due to race, sex or sexual orientation should be moderated, but I seriously hope this is not another case of “lets make this a PG world”.

  • Jlo1169

    Awesome!!!!! Thanks for the hard work guys! A couple additional referees would be a great addition!

  • J-J

    Is it possible to have a “report” or “flag as inappropriate” button on comments? This way if someone feels there has been a questionable comment made it can be flagged straight away & you guys can be notified immediately. Just a thought..

  • Mordecai

    Nice to see the comments back up! 😉

  • Roy Bledsoe

    Im glad its back! Now we can get back to saying how Jon Moxley yes I refer to him as that will dominate the E for years to come!

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    Don’t make me go into a George Carlin rant about what “cuss” words might be deemed inappropriate for this site… giving a warning about language usage is a good candidate for such a rant.

  • JohnCena33

    Glad you guys got this fixed. I missed commenting on the news.

  • AmishPatel

    For the people interested in working on the site and moderating the comments you can e-mail me – let’s leave this post for comments on…. well, comments.

  • AmishPatel

    You don’t have to read his work, Jason.

  • Insane_One

    Im glad its back. It sucked not being able to comment on certain articles.

    How about Marc Middleton writing skills… That is offensive. Can you ban him.

  • Thomas Mendez

    Glad to have the comments sections back.

  • FanSince99

    AmishPattel: How can I become a column writer for the site? I have been a wrestling fan since 1998, so I know my stuff

  • bob

    ooo shit sons

  • Dazzling Daz B

    Good to have the comment section back!

  • LoganSR71

    Shibby! Keep up the good work W-E!

    Hope this will get rid of the folks constantly complaining that *insert wrestlers name here* “sold out”.

  • Luke

    Welcome WWE universe

  • NIN

    I’m glad the comments are back now those fools are gone we can have a mature discussion on here

  • Matthew Carter

    Hi AmishPattel,
    Check it out, I come on the site daily throughout the day to check for news updates, and post my comments and all, and am generally civil about it, and I abide by the rules and policies for the website and comments thread, and I noticed you said you only had 2 moderators. If you need a third moderator to help make things go smoother and keep the comment thread as civil and as least offensive as possible, hit me up. Thanks

  • Guest

    Hi AmishPattel,
    Check it out, I come on the site daily throughout the day to check for news updates, and post my comments and all, and am generally civil about it, and I abide by the rules and policies for the website and comments thread, and I noticed you said you only had 2 moderators. If you need a third moderator to help make things go smoother and keep the comment thread as civil and as least offensive as possible, hit me up. Thanks.

  • Jon

    Just hopefully the troll problem stop. It been happening a way long time.

  • justin sane

    I hope the new system works… glad to have comments back…

  • The Killswitch

    Are you looking for more help moderating the site?

  • misfit del rio

    Agrred with everyone weed out the numb nuts, 95% of the reason is come here is to read the comments. So I’m glad they’re back up

  • Max Plevyak


  • stockshark28

    Someone was always quick to delete any negative post about the WWE and any positive one’s about TNA but all the profanity was always left up. I hope this site becomes a little less biased too!

  • Jake

    I don’t know what to type?

  • David

    Nice to see the comment section back.

  • Jaspreet

    Thanks for the work you do. I don’t usually comment on posts but there are very creative people out here. I love their ideas.
    Lets hope the comments are not disabled again. 🙂

  • AmishPatel

    Hi Jaspreet,

    With the greatest respect, there is only 2 of us to moderate ALL the comments and we get a hell of a lot to the site. We tried to review as many as we could and removed a lot of spam and problem users, but in the end it clearly became too many. That is why we relying on input from you guys too. If we had a team of moderators this would be easy, but we have 2 and we both have full-time jobs.

  • a man named gillberg

    good to have it back up and running again, i love this site 😉

  • Jeff Wurtz


  • poko

    I, for one, will be more than happy to see some of the idiocy banished from the comments section of this website.

  • Jaspreet

    It would really help if you could read the comments yourself too. Some people were idiots, but a lot of them were calling for their ban. If you had kept an eye out, the comments would never had to be disabled.

    Lets hope that doest happens again.

  • Sam Peters

    i am happy its back 🙂 it is nice to see what others think but least we can get rid of the idiots as well now 🙂