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Skip Sheffield Update, WWE Acknowledges Physical Hall of Fame, Dreamer TV

– Below is episode #9 of The Tommy Dreamer TV:

– WWE’s website has a new article up that acknowledges the physical Hall of Fame that the company has been planning for some time. The article looks at items that could be included in a wing of the Hall devoted to WrestleMania including Roddy Piper’s boxing gloves from WrestleMania 2, Shawn Michaels’ zipline from WrestleMania 12 and more.

– WWE removed Skip Sheffield from their roster page on Monday. Sheffield has also deleted the cryptic tweets that he posted over the weekend.

  • Little Jimmy Dudley

    Dreamer TV = zzzzzzzzzz

    A Q&A session in the locker room with some other has been before a weekend indie show from Bumf*ck City???

    Dreamer will always be ECW. Anything after those days is an afterthought.

  • Sean Mooney

    I genuinely want to know, why is KoKo B. Ware in the HoF? He actually had the nerve to say something along the lines of, “it should have happened sooner” after he got inducted. There’s at least a few dozen people (literally dozens) that deserve to be in the HoF before KoKo, and he was inducted a few years ago. I agree with the top 10 list mentioned above, and I hope we can one day see Owen in the HoF.

  • Jura

    Goldberg really mate?. Personally i don’t think he did anything significant to be in the hall of fame. And Brian Pillman deserves hell Drew Carey was inducted and he only had one appearance.

  • john

    These 2 will never go in
    Benoit- killed family
    Owen- his stupid widow doesn’t want WWE to use his name

  • JayK316

    I luv Brian Pillman as much as the next man. Everything from his series with Jushin Liger in WCW, his ‘yellow dog’ days and his incredible ‘Loose Cannon’ persona in ECW.

    But to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame is never gonna happen as he actually didn’t really do anything of significance in the WWE. Never won a title and only had the one short lived solo feud against Austin! Sure, he was part of the heel hart foundation, but as a solo inductee in the Hall of Fame, he unfortunetely isn’t worthy.
    Now, neither is Koko B Ware, but even he had a lengthier run in the WWE than Pillman.

    Again, like i said at the top, i truly worshipped Pillman’s heel character and crazy stick work, but as his WWE career was so short, it won’t ever happen.

    just a thought.

  • misfi del rio

    @ MJ, as much as I love pillman, there’s guys who deserve to be in there ahead of him. Here’s a quick list

    1) randy savage
    2)owen hart
    3)the british bulldogs
    4)ron simmons
    5)jake roberts
    6)rick rude
    7)I can’t believe I’m saying it ultimate warrior
    8)big van vader
    9)the 4 horsemen
    10) paul heyman

  • MJ


    BTW who the fuck is skip? Wasn’t he the guy that broke his ankle while he was wrestling in a dark match almost a year ago? Who honestly give a damn about this guy? If this isn’t Y2J and its skip instead tthis will be the most epic fail ever! It will be right up there with giving hornswaggle the cruiserweight championship and giving the great khail the world title.

  • KGM Da Master

    Lol WWE has all their fans where they want them with this stupid cryptic video. Skip is done for in this business. Long forgotten and well deserved, go be a body builder or a personal trainer. Dreamer TV is lame as hell and who cares about sections of the Hall of Fame? WWE needs to put their pride to the side and induct some legends that were left out. Like Benoit, O. Hart, Brian Pillman, Goldberg and Warrior to name a few. Well peace out

  • AUSTIN316

    They wouldnt do such big return videos for Skip…whoever thinks its for him, than wouldnt suprise me if you thought they were for a referee..