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Smackdown announce team wasn’t allowed to mention Sanity’s NXT past

After two months of delay, Sanity finally made their Smackdown Live debut Tuesday night. Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, and Killian Dain showed up on the Blue Brand and utterly annihilated the Usos.

Sanity’s debut was everything it should have been, except for the absence of Nikki Cross. The trio looked aggressive, chaotic, and downright terrifying, tearing the team that carried Smackdown in 2017 to pieces. However, if you watched Smackdown that night, you might’ve noticed that the announce team failed to mention Sanity’s history in NXT.

There was a reason for that, apparently. According to¬†, Tom Phillips, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton were told not to refer to the group’s past experience on the developmental brand.

While the group didn’t capture any singles gold, they were the team responsible for ending the Authors of Pain’s dominant run through NXT’s tag team division, as well as picking up the award for NXT Tag Team of the Year in 2017.

It’s not known exactly why the WWE didn’t want their past in NXT to be brought up. However, some have speculated that washing away their past in the developmental system might make them seem more “chaotic.” However, if that was the case, I’m not exactly sure why they didn’t just jump the Usos without any kind of warning.

It’s one of those strange little details that pop up every now and then in the WWE. Do you think mentioning Sanity’s run as NXT Tag Team Champions might have added to their debut, or is keeping everything about them a mystery the right way to go?

  • CC

    It used to be quite common for developmental territory history to not be mentioned when coming to the main roster, especially if the characters were changed in anyway.
    It kinda makes sense that it would not be mentioned with these guys as you want to make them as “scary” as possible.

    Those who know about the ins and outs of the WWE will know where they come from, but to anyone who only ever watches Raw and SD and do not pay attention to anything outside of those two, it actually makes for a better debut.

    Its not treating us as stupid with short attention spans (that only happens once they change a character on the main shows), its actually common sense in a case like this.