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SmackDown Dark Match, Foley Comments on RAW, Waltman Clarifies Vince Comment

– As noted before, Sean Waltman tweeted last night that the last few minutes of Triple H and Vince McMahon’s segment on RAW was legit. Waltman clarified his comments with the following message this afternoon: “To clarify my tweet last night. Raw last night was real on a symbolic level.”

– Mick Foley wrote the following on Twitter this evening regarding last night’s RAW: “Just saw @WWE Raw on DVR. Wow..didn’t see that one coming. I can’t even remember the last time I was so hooked on wrestling as a fan.”

– Courtesy of reader Zelda Root, the dark match before tonight’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Minneapolis, Minnesota saw one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Michael McGillicutty defeat Trent Baretta.


    @justin have no clue what your talking bout dude

  • JIR

    I would Mick Foley back on commentary with joey styles but really he would do well in FCW as a mic trainer and general counseling

  • DFlo

    Hey justin, if everyone except you is believing it’s a great angle so far, then maybe your the one with a problem.

  • Devil_Rising


    Foley doesn’t need to kiss ass. He’s a household name, and a successful published author. He has a life outside of wrestling, you know.

    In other news…man….that whole HHH/Vince angle came off as incredibly phoney…..

  • White mark

    I dont see why Foley would need to kiss ass. Seeing as more then likely he’ll get welcomed back into wwe with open arms

  • Justin

    Closing segment was shit. I think everyone (or almost) in the industry and those wrestling fans, who so want some change that they’ll jump at something “surprising,” are losing their sense of true entertainment. It was so over-the-top.

  • Visonary Journalist

    Oh Lord. Couldn`t they just keep the Cena fire angle a little bit longer. Now I bet He`s going to be added in the WWE Championship match as his rematch claus and win. Then Del Rio cashes in money in the bank on him and wins. Then Cena cashes in another rematch claus to face Del Rio at SumerSlam. As for Daniel Byran I have no idea. But I dont think hes the type of guy to be “Champion” material. I feel either hes going to be bullied into putting his briefcase on the line and lose or he going to pull a RvD and cash it on when Christan is 100% and might win with Orton Interferance. Then Pulls a Swagger And Loses it in 3 months and goes back to being a jobber. But if im wrong and i hope i am but usually im not. Byran will actually get a fair run and will make it to the main event scene.

  • The real wrestling god

    Don’t think he’s kissing ass just telling it like it is. The matches weren’t very good but the closing segment was really strong. Theirs so many ways they can go with this storyline.

  • Kevin being a mark so he can… he can…….. he… YOU SUCK KEVIN! lol

  • Kevin

    Foley kissing ass so he can get a job..