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– In case you missed it, next week’s RAW guest host will be actor and comedian Jon Lovitz.

– The dark match before last night’s SmackDown tapings saw Kane defeat Dos Caras in a quick match. The dark main event saw Jack Swagger and Big Show go to a DQ.

– Michelle McCool will be appearing at the Army & Air Force Exchange Service location in Fort Bragg, North Carolina on Monday, June 14th from 5-7pm signing WWE DVD’s.

– WWE is calling Batista’s new submission hold that he used on RAW this week the “Batista Bite.”

  • Buttshaver

    Apparently all of his signature moves need to have his name infront of it. Batista bomb…….. Batista bite….. Batista retirement

  • Austin

    Batista Bite? Really that name is lame thats the best they could come up with? i get that he is the “animal” but still.

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    I actually think John Lovitz will be the best Raw host yet! “Yeah Thats the Ticket,Yeah!”

  • annonymouse

    why don’t they just call it what it is. you dont’ hear them calling ddt’s and piledrivers (when they were used) different names (yes i know taker has a modified one)

  • Mark

    so he comes up with a new submission move just as he is about to leave ???

  • rko

    Batista Bite? They could have done better than that. It sounds just as dumb the ‘attitude adjustment.’

  • !?

    His persona is the animal, and from what I know, animals bite.

  • Treg

    …bite? o_O how does that make sense?

  • Dominic

    The Batista Bite….are you kidding me?? Did WWE do an online petition to ask all the kids what the name of Batista’s new move should be!? Give me a break! Surely WWE could come up with a better name…

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