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SmackDown Superstar Jumping Ship To Raw?, The Miz Stages Anti-Bullying Rally

Pro Wrestling Torch reports that during an autograph session Saturday afternoon at Delaware Army National Guard, WWE Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes teased that he may be jumping ship to the Raw brand when WWE holds their annual Draft.

— The Miz hosted a ‘be a STAR’ anti-bullying rally for Woodlawn School students in Schenectady, New York on Friday. The WWE Superstar shared his experiences about being bullied and advised students to never laugh at bullies and to show tolerance and respect. (Article)

WWE Magazine has released a limited edition “2012 Roster” issue featuring profiles and pictures of all of the WWE Superstars.

— Trendrr.TV reports that last night’s episode of WWE SmackDown saw a slight increase in social media activity with a score of 53,839. Last week’s show scored 50,470.

  • berto


  • Straight-edge

    @ant ziggler does. but he has to lose vicky and go on his own he has amazing skills that is being wasted at the moment. but one day i believe he will be the main eventer that he should be now

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Oh and yeah Little Jimmy, Like the WWECW title meant something. NXT is basically development.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    As many people have said does it matter if they are Raw or SD wrestlers, They all seem to be on the same shows…Boreton has been destroyed by this.

  • ant

    what about a raw vs smackdown feud like raw guys hate smackdown guys in vica versa

  • Why do they put the draft an both shows are united? Pointless!

  • Little Jimmy

    Im more in favour of the brand split instead of this unorganised nonsense of Supershows. All WWE needs is a relevant storyline to sell it. Then Trust me more superstars would be pushed and used more and will bring more structure to the roster. NXT should expand and become more a separate brand like ECW and should have a Heavyweight title,

  • ant

    @Straight Edge..i agree i think Dolph Ziggler deserves a push more if u ask me but its all a matter of opinion

  • Straight-edge

    who ever said its time for cody to get a push is wrestling stupid. he needs to go back to nxt maybe if he can handle it. but who cares who on what show now. its all one again. sadly

  • adam

    also @tyler. But the way it was cody dropkicked big shows knee he steped backwords went threw techincally speaking cody put him threw it. Cody deserves the title more then show anyways espically if there not going to push him to the main event like he should be.

  • adam

    @berto tyson is one of the better wrestlers they have on either show him bryan and punk are the best actul wrestlers. Charcter wise yes tyson has no charcter so its hard to get behind him. BUt once gabirel comes back and him and tyson are a team i think wwe is going to get there own version of the motor city machine guns.

  • Tyler

    Cody didn’t win the IC title if you watched or looked at the photos Cody didn’t put how threw a table so the table show broke when he stood on it doesn’t count when it says you have to put your opponent threw a table and of what I saw I saw big show putting rhodes his opponent thew a table first so the champ should still be big show…

  • chronoxiong

    What Draft? I thought the Brand Extension doesn’t exist anymore…

  • nnac

    another draft…. theres still brands?

  • Knightcon

    The draft is pointless. Raw and smackdown guys are on both shows anyway. And why wait this late after wrestlemaina to do it?

  • nick

    Oh, God. Another draft…I fear they’ll break up the tag teams.

  • berto


  • BlaH

    does it really matter what show Rhodes is on.
    D.Bry is a SD guy and he will take on Punk at
    the next ppv for a Raw belt.

  • nick

    Rhodes vs CM Punk would be good.
    They should Also Push Tyson Kidd and put him on RAW.

  • Best In The World

    Its time for Cody to get a huge push drop ic and challenge Punk

  • V-R-A

    I can see them putting the U.S. Title back on Smackdown and the I.C. Title back on Raw. Would make a better fit one would think.