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SmackDown Wrestler In Line For Major Push, Ahmed Johnson Resurfaces, More

– WWE has big plans in store for Ryback, who has continuously steamrolled enhancement talent since debuting on SmackDown in April. reports Vince McMahon has notified creative to script Ryback as dominant as possible in future outings. The WWE Chairman is very high on the SmackDown Superstar as he feels he can be his company’s version of Bill Goldberg.

– Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ahmed Johnson, who is now retired, resurfaced Saturday at a wrestling convention in Monroe, New Jersey. Now 41, the former WWE star appeared unrecognizable to some attendees as he has put on a great deal of weight during his time away from the spotlight. He has moved on from the industry as he returned to college following retirement and earned a degree in criminology from Huston–Tillotson University in Austin, Texas.

– Former WWE star Rob Conway is scheduled to compete in a NPC Bodybuilding contest on Saturday.


  • Matt

    cant wait for the ‘article’ next week about how management has lost faith in ryback etc etc… 😛

  • mabry

    I was watching a match between Bret and Booke T the other day, and the fake Goldberg chants were so acward and out of place… it was pretty funny.
    Anyways, Ryback could be good, aparently he can actually wrestle, the only thing am not certain of is how strong he is. I never liked Goldberg, but i cant deny that he was a beast, one of the strongest guys ive seen… Ryback has only faced skiny guys that maybe even i can pick up, so i guess will just have to wait to see how strong he really is…

  • CM Mark

    He’ll never be Goldberg, but he could be cool. I hope they don’t screw it up.

  • Bill

    Ryback is awesome! I can’t wait to see him get into legitimate feuds!

  • Jon-Jon

    COnway was talented as hell. He was the original version of Zack Ryder. WIsh he could’ve gone further.

  • Houndy

    The night the WWE old timers beat the shit out of Conway…brilliants. He put the legends over well and Superfly nailed him. Classic stuff.

  • Boomski

    Holy crap! I saw a picture of Ahmed from the convention. No way would I have know it was him at all.

  • ant

    so i guess vickie guerrero actually gets massive ovations when she comes out huh? smh what a moron

  • Jimbotron

    SmackDown has been using canned pops/heat for ages, shows what you know.

  • chronoxiong

    Goldberg! Goldberg! Goldberg! Who’s next?

  • SYM

    Who can forget Rob Conway coming out to “Just look at Me”

  • ant

    u know what i found funny,hellaaaaa people talk shit about ryback right? well the guys actually not that bad in the ring and hes already over with the fans as evident by the huge pop he got on this past smackdown but my point is this,if people complain about huge guys like mason ryan,the great khali,and big show sucking in the ring then how come when a huge guy comes along that DOSENT completely suck people still complain like wtf is it about wrestling fans that no matter what u do u cant satisfy them

  • Deva

    Yes Ryback will continue to squash local jobbers! I saw amed at LOTR and he was very fat, but I didn’t want a pic or autograph.
    When I saw robbie e and brooke tessmacher , I talked to them and blasted hogan, bishoff and dixie, hey I tried but in the end dixie only listens to what hogan has to say