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Smith Hart Discusses Owen Hart Not Being In the WWE Hall of Fame

– The topic of Owen Hart going into the WWE Hall of Fame was a hot topic on Twitter this weekend. Owen’s brother, Smith Hart, wrote the following tweets regarding Owen’s widow not allowing his induction:

“Im happy that everyone believes my brother Owen belongs in the HOF, but unfortunately his wife Martha will never allow it.”

“Because she blames the wrestling business in its entirety for his death.”

“She is the sole owner of his estate.”

“With Martha, there will never B a way, perhaps his kids may eventually make the choice. But thats at least 20 yrs in future”

  • dude

    I say Martha has no connection with the Hart family anymore. If this is so, then Martha IS NOT grieving the loss of Owen the way we may think she is.


    Get over it Martha

  • voice of reason

    death isnt easily dealt with each & every person deals with their own grief in their own way, martha sounds like she is still in alot of pain over owens death and part of her pain process is to blame the wwe for the accident now such pain, anguish & hatred isnt easy to let go.

    i believe that it would be such an amazing honor to have owens career & legacy celebrated but that at this point isnt meant to be.

    maybe in 20 years owens contribution to the sport of wrestling can be celebrated but right now it just isnt meant to be.

  • b c Mitchell

    We don’t have to imagine those things. That’s what happened. It was a tragedy and I don’t think anyone would dispute that. She does have every right to keep him out that is true and I for one support her feelings. But to play devils advocate for a moment, and bear with me here. Owen didn’t have to do the stunt you know. He could have done what a lot if people do at work if they are asked to do something unfair. He could’ve quit. It was a freak accident. It was a stunt performed many times before by many different guys. It sucks that it happened but truthfully it was nobody’s fault. It was an accident. She doesn’t want WWE to make a profit so as a compromise why don’t they donate the profits to charity in Owens name? Seems reasonable

  • Devil_Rising


    There is no reason for you or anyone else on here to talk shit about Martha Hart. At all. So kindly grow up.

    Just imagine, for a moment, if you will, that Owen WANTED OUT of the wrestling business. He didn’t like where it was going, he didn’t like the stupid angles he was a part of, and he had wanted to retire and actually spend time with his family for years before that anyway. He actually wanted out after Bret got screwed, but Vince wouldn’t let him out of his contract, and he had to support his family.

    Now imagine Martha and her kids LOSING Owen over one of the dumbest, most pointless stunts in pro wrestling history. It was a bad idea, an idea by VINCE RUSSO by the way, that Owen hated, and didn’t want to do, but he did it because he was a “good company man”. “Oh, don’t worry, it’ll be great”, I’m sure he was told. And then, because the rigging crew that WWF hired were cheap and lazy, his harness broke and he plummeted to his death, on live national PPV.

    Just imagine if Martha, or god forbid his kids, were WATCHING THAT when it happened.

    What I’m saying is, I can understand where she’s coming from. It DOES suck that he isn’t in the HOF, he DOES belong there. She should realize that he deserves to go in to be honored, and for his fans, for his family. But at the same time….how would you feel if your whole world went crashing to the mat because of a pointless stunt? I can absolutely understand her hating the wrestling business, not only because it took her husband’s life, but because of how nasty some of the Hart family got in the aftermath when she was suing the WWF. Diana Hart, for example, wanted Davey Boy to be back in the WWF, and she got really nasty with Martha for “possibly endangering that”.

    Never mind that her brother got killed, nope, she just wanted Davey back in the WWF making that $$$$.

    So think before you post. YES, we all want Owen in the HOF. But honestly, how many in here are actually old enough to have WATCHED Owen’s career and really know who he is? There’s a big difference between saying “Oh yeah, I remember Owen when…”, and just having read about his life on the Wikipedia article.

  • bb

    Dear Martha, (bleep you), let Owen Hart go HOF. That history wrestling all Hart family not martha!

    If Owen’s daddy still live, he will say yes.

  • b c Mitchell

    It can’t be WWEs fault and an accident at the same time. If there is fault then it isn’t an accident. I don’t blame her though in the sense that she may not be over it. They should just put him in anyway and pay the lawsuit when it happens

  • Lord KGM

    I’m sure if Owen wanted to be remembered that badly, he would’ve left his estates with his father or brother. He wanted his soulmate to look after his legacy which will still live after all this nonsense

  • Lord KGM

    Also, Eddie didn’t die in a WWE ring on live TV either Diesel! Plus, Vickie is a whore so she is the true golddigger. Money can’t replace happiness! Go Martha!

  • Lord KGM

    Diesel u are dead wrong! Martha has every and any right to think Vince and the WWE had everything to do with his death. Bret leaves then several months later, Owen dies from a stunt done by Sting so often…b.s. Like laylo said, if she was a gold digger she would’ve capitalize when Owen first died from WWE! Pure grade A piece of $#!+

  • Diesel

    @lazlo woodbine

    If you say so…

    What happened to Owen was a tragedy (probably the worst in WWE’s history alongside the Benoit incident), but making it look like your husband didn’t exist in the WWE & wiping all records of him out of spite just so SHE can own the rights is a bit of a bitchy move.

    I don’t exactly have any respect for Vince either on how he treated Owen and how he handled the matter that night at Over The Edge, but for her to have the same bitter attitude & act like he never existed in the WWE is just stupid & childish. It’s been 11 years since it happened and she’s still hell bent on keeping it that way.

    I mean do you see Vickie Guerrero doing that when Eddie passed away? no, so why is she still feeling the need to? I mean at the end of the day it’s not about her it’s about Owen, and what better way for her, the WWE as well as the wrestling fans to remember him than to have him inducted, but instead she choses to sour the name and spite the fans for her own personal reasons by still being childish about the whole thing. Everybody in the Hart family thinks he should be there yet because of one person it will never happened, and the closest fans can get to watching him is on youtube because she won’t allow to show any footage.

  • Greg

    I hate this situation. Growing up Owen hart was one of my fav wrestlers from his early days with the hart foundation to his later years with the nation and blue blazer gimmick. The match owen and bret put on at wrestlemania was simply phenomenol. Owen hart is definitly one of the best all around superstars of all time. It rele is sad that martha won’t allow him to be inducted. Owen deserved to be in the hof just as much as anyone. I hope his children at least decide to honor their father’s memory and allow him to be inducted someday. I truly feel bad for the fans who have to grow up not knowing who Owen hart.

  • Mark

    say wot u like WWE is to blame for Owens death for not giving him the proper safety equipment . That said it was a tragic accident and Owen should be inducted

  • lazlo woodbine


    If she were a soulless gold digger, then she would be licensing his image to WWE, making a ton of money off it.

    And to compare the grief of a widow to the feelings of “a lot of wrestling fans” is beyond crass.

    You sir, are a cunt.

  • poko

    That’s something I don’t really understand. Not only would it be a wonderful way to honor the memory of her husband, who died doing what he wanted to do, but it would instill pride in his children that their father was a person revered by many.

  • Diesel

    I have to say Martha really seems like a bit of a sou less gold digger to me, I get that she’s upset over his death (a lot of wrestling fans are) but wow!

    Even Bret said he’d like to see Owen inducted, so why Martha is being such a snobby cow is just beyond stupid. I mean at those of us who are fortunate to have watched him perform & remember him will always have those memories, but for the next generation of fans (even the fans of today as well) they won’t have heard of him or been fortunate to realise just how great he was, but because of her acting like a spoilt brat it’s like he never existed in the WWE and that is pretty pathetic.

  • JIR

    And thats a damn shame I feel for her pain in losing someone you have love for but to blame what they loved for an accident just so you can feel something instead of putting it behind you and getting closure.
    If there was foul play by all means get those responsible to pay but if there isn’t just let go. Its hard I know first hand but you never truly move on until you put it behind you