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The Soska Twins Talk About Making See No Evil 2, Kane & Jacob Goodnight, WWE Fan Moments spoke with directors The Soska Twins, Jen & Sylvia, at San Diego Comic Con about WWE Studios’ See No Evil 2, which is becoming one of the most-anticipated movies of the year among fans online.

Their approach in making this movie:
Jen: “We’re 80′s brats. We loved ‘Halloween,’ ‘Hellraiser,’ ‘Friday the 13th,’ I love slasher movies. Nowadays, horror movies don’t really have that feel to it. Especially North American horror, it just follow this formula of where it’s just like, ‘okay, there’s the highest paid actor, so obviously they live til the end’ and ‘oh, didn’t catch his name, so you know he’s gonna die.’ We wanted this film to be a throwback to those 80′s films that you would watch and you would get excited…[with] theme music, costume design, masks and weapons.”

Sylvia: “And even like classic slashers, before they sub-genres everything and be like ‘well a slasher has to be A, B and C,’ it’s like, no, a slasher can still be creative. So, we took a lot of the conventional roles and totally threw them out. We like to think of ourselves as the fangirl directors, we make movies with stuff that we would be excited to see. Thinking that well, I’m excited to see this, hopefully other people would. It’s our first scary movie, so we were like ‘Oh my God, let’s scare the sh** out of ourselves!”

Jen on the Jacob Goodnight character:
“We wanted to build on what was already in the first film. I feel that Jacob Goodnight, should have been up there with characters like Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy and Pinhead. I feel the first film fell a little short of accomplishing that and I feel that this film, definitely puts him on par with those other film horror icons. I can’t tell you all of the reasons why, but there’s a lot of reasons why. It was so important to us to develop the difference between Glenn Jacobs, Kane and Jacob Goodnight because everyone knows Glenn Jacobs and everyone knows Kane, and Jacob Goodnight had to be his complete own, individual guy.”

Jen on separating Kane from Jacob:
“It’s difficult because Kane has been being Kane of seventeen years. Everybody knows him. It became this thing that we obsessed over but from look…scenes…and even theme music, he is totally Jacob Goodnight in a way that no one seen him before. We were really happy with the result but we went f***ing nuts over it.”

WWE fan moments in the movie:
“There are some total WWE fan moments in there. I can’t say what, but if you’re a WWE fan (and everyone in the universe should be) there’s moments that you’ll be like ‘Oh! The twins did this in the movie because they love that.’ ‘Did they seriously? Lol.’”