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Source Claims Lesnar/Undertaker Confrontation WAS A Worked Angle

– According to a well placed source, the Undertaker/Brock Lesnar confrontation at UFC 121 was a worked angle which took place without the blessing of UFC’s President Dana White. Many within WWE have been under the impression that the confrontation was legitimate.

– The source in WWE claims that only a handful of people knew going into UFC 121 that a confrontation would take place between the two men post-fight.

As reported, there is no current deal for Lesnar to compete at WrestleMania 27, but it is what WWE officials are ultimately hoping for.

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  • tanvir

    undertaker will face goldberg and beat him. then he will continue the streak and win until wrestlemania 30. and on wrestlemania 31, hbk will return for round 3 and beat him. and he will retire and the druids will come out and take his body away.

  • Dom

    seriously f..uck off wwe

  • erik

    @ john brock already beat undertaker twice first time at wwe no mercy 2002 in mike hukeabee hometown of little rock ak. Then for second time at no mercy 2003 in biker chain match. wwe pushed lesnar he was great in ring he beat undertaker twice so why should he go back to wwe?

  • me

    @john he then left to try football he didn’t make it nothing to do with ufc

  • john


  • Kelly

    Yeah….Like Brock Lesnar a man who’s currently signed to UFC is just going to go one day and quit UFC, to go work a WWE Match….sure…since He CAN’T appear on WWE Television while under contract to UFC.

  • Ra3

    Won’t happen. Brock won’t come back for just one fight to lose it, and they aren’t gonna give up Takers streak for it

  • Dave

    No, Dana would sue his a$$ and he would never fight for the UFC ever again. If Lesnar went anywhere else after that (besides the WWE) he wouldn’t be nearly as popular. Dana White has nothing to worry about. I also think that these guys writing these stories need to check their sources because this is being to make absolutely no sense. Every other story contradicts the one before it, yet everything is dubbed “confirmed”.

  • Tony A

    It would be surprising if this was a work.. Taker was out of character, so I can’t see the wwe showing this clip on wwe tv unless taker goes back to the Big evil/American bad ass gimmick.

  • effmenow

    Brock Lesnar should agree to the match at mania 27…

    Then no show that pg, horrible b-list acting of a product that’s not very entertaining.

  • kannon

    its has been saying that Him and Brock have been at each others throats, and have been arguing a lot lately. Wonder if Brock told him he is doing WM 27 and that it’s too bad. What is Dana gonna do? Fire him? Doubt it cause Brock can just go sign with Strikeforce and really screw White over. I’m guessing that Brock vs Taker WILL go down at WM27.