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Speculation on AJ Lee Dropping the WWE Divas Title, WWE to Induct Dr. James Andrews?

– Due to a fan tweet that appeared in the scroller on RAW, there was a brief discussion backstage about the idea of inducting Dr. James Andrews, WWE’s most famous doctor who has performed surgery on all the top stars, into the WWE Hall of Fame at some point.

– As noted, AJ Lee’s pipebomb promo on RAW will lead to her defending the Divas Title against a cast member of Total Divas at Night of Champions. Speculation is that we may see a title change, which would be the “main event” of the final episode of the first season of Total Divas.


  • ssadasd

    AJ (c) vs JoJo = money.

    I have a feeling that Cute JoJo can pull of a “Perfect Victim” and unlike Kaitlyn, be entertaining.

  • ssadasd

    Looking at Face vs Heel tropes, I disagree with ALL of you. AJ vs Nattie = Nattie wins belt, then loses it to a Bella or Eva. I am surprised they haven’t created a Diva’s “Money in the Bank” briefcase yet.

    The only other possibility to beat AJ (if WWE is smart) is JoJo; she is cute, likable and has the “It Factor” and would make a good “Baby” face. She would of course lose the belt to Eva Marie. I see JoJo being the long-term catch out of Total Divas.

    AJ won’t turn face because she is needed in the Heel role. Nikki and Brie can’t do it alone, and the other Diva Heels are just “Gossipy Women” who play the cliche of “talk behind everyone’s back and betray everyone close to you” high school garbage.

  • Will Henderson

    at this point, i want AJ to drop it at Night of Champions in screwjob fashion, so she can start a face turn angle.

  • Thomas Mendez

    Well…this is gonna suck.

  • ddfindl

    They like heels going in to ‘mania as champion

  • Scooter

    Look at you calling wrestlers by their real names you must be really smart to the buisness huh?

  • Thomas Mendez

    I really hope AJ retains. I don’t want the Bella’s to win.

  • StocktonJoe

    Here’s how I see it.

    AJ vs. Nattie = AJ retains the title.
    AJ vs. Alicia Fox, or one of the Bellas or one of the spunkfilleddactyls = AJ drops the title.
    Please God Aksana, Jo Jo, and Eva Marie are not being considered.
    Tamina Snuka, Kaitlyn, and Layla aren’t even being considered.

  • StocktonJoe

    Since Paul Levesque has input into who does or not does get a push, it really IS kind of silly for HHH to complain about only a handful of people getting pushed. On the other hand, it IS valid for him to complain about AND CUT people who expect it to be handed to them. Another thread talked about “old school” vs. “new school” in how people break into the business. My impression is that people who “came up the old way” tend to work harder than people who “come up the new way.” And I could be wrong.

  • $36000591

    It does means something! When you win a big match at a big event such as summerslam(the second biggest event next to wrestlemania) then yes it means A LOT!

  • CC

    that really means nothing. look at all the male and females that are long overdue a title run, and none of them are any closer to it. hell, even HHH brought it up when he said Miz hasnt been in the title hunt for ages. while WWE continues to put their full focus on only a handful of talent, then too many people will sit on their hands waiting for their time to come again, but it may never happen

  • $36000591

    Nope it will def be natalya she is the no.1 contender for the title! because she defeated the bella’s at summerslam! Plus she is two yrs overdue!

  • xXx

    ikr? but i have a bad feeling they’ll give it to the daniel bryan bella.. this is crap, just for the sake of “reality” tv

  • Jeff Wurtz

    Let it be Nattie or the one Funkasauras that can go in the ring.

  • xXx

    aw hell no. at least let it be nattie..