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Speculation on Batista and Steve Austin Returning for WrestleMania, The Undertaker’s Health

– Batista is not returning to WWE any time soon and if he did, it would be in early 2014 for WrestleMania season. One person close to Batista notes that he’s not going to return at all if he’s got anything going on for early 2014 with new movies, because that’s his line of work and priority now.

– The Undertaker is currently recovering from shoulder surgery and will not be at SummerSlam. It’s doubtful he will be back until his usual pre-WrestleMania return. Taker’s shoulder issues are said to be pretty bad at this stage of the game.

– WrestleMania XXX would mark 11 years since Steve Austin last wrestled a match. WWE has interest in Austin working the event, if he wants to work it and can get medically cleared. There has been an idea discussed for Austin vs. Triple H with the control of WWE at stake. Austin would be representing Vince McMahon.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • chronoxiong

    So they want to waste a rare SCSA match on a guy he has wrestled many times before already? Typical WWE….

  • That’s precisely why Taker should have retired AFTER going 20-0, instead of dragging this shit out. He is literally at the point he said he would never reach, being a shadow of his former self….and as one of the biggest Undertaker fans, that personally sucks to see.

  • Scooter

    Not booking Austin vs Punk is simply a missed oppurtunity. Hell I’d rather see Orton vs Austin or Cena vs Austin before HHH vs Austin because they would be fresh.

  • Don Kim

    Austin should not be anywhere near this crappy idea.
    Austin comes out of retirement to wrestle for Vince?
    Makes no sense at all.
    Only match Austin should come back for is Austin vs. Punk.

  • Irishrhyno

    Having a heel Punk as Vince’s guy(sell out) vs face Austin backed by an ‘injured’ HHH,who was hurt at Punk’s hands, would work in my opinion and it would be awesome if they made the Punk vs Austin part more central.

  • CC

    Austin coming back as Vinces man … I cannot see any truth in this rumour

  • Jeff Wurtz

    Bringing Austin back to job is the dumbest damn thing i’ve ever heard of. If this is true it’s completely stupid. If it’s not whoever thought it up needs to be checked for mental issues.

  • Cold Gin

    What a useless article. Anyone with knowledge of wrestling would know there is absolutely no way Austin is coming back to compete against anyone other than Punk. Period. He has said so many times in interviews. And lastly, there is no way he’ll come back to lose to HHH.

  • Mabry

    the Austin idea would not be that bad (the match might), if it means that we get see him weekly for some time. Otherwise, it would be stupid to book Austin on probably he´s final match against HHH. We´ve seen that before, make it Austin vs Punk or D. Bryan, or someone going up, that of course isnt Ryback nor Fandangouuu!!!!

  • Prince

    So Stone Cold would come back to job to HHH? Sounds like typical WWE to me.

  • Dolphins1925

    Too bad it will be Ryback vs. HHH and not SCSA…

  • MrDr3w

    And have Austin lose to HHH? No.