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Speculation on Cena Blowing Up at and Lawler

– There’s speculation that Jerry Lawler may be away from his RAW commentary job until early 2013 or so. The feeling is that the traveling and strain on his health may be too much right now. No word yet if Lawler will make any kind of special appearance when RAW is in his hometown next month.

– People within WWE are under the impression that John Cena recently blowing up on over his injury report was done to further the storyline that he can’t make Hell In a Cell. The idea would be that when he does wrestle at Hell In a Cell, they will hype it up like he came back earlier than he was supposed to, playing into the “Super Cena” character.

Source: PWInsider

  • john

    that god for DVR!! i skip whenever cena is out blabbing on about how he’s sucked vince off once more to earn himself YET another title! ( basically )

  • KingAlbert

    If Punk is forced to drop it to Cena, i’ll avoid watch Cena mathes and promos at all costs.

  • david

    i think they need to give ryback a title shot against punk and let ryback when the title.having punk be champ boring maybe having cena champ boring ppl who have never held it they should be champion that is what the wwe gets for hiring the girl from buffy the vampire slayer and freddy prince jr fucking idiots.when the wwe was wwf the storylines


    playing into the “supercena” character hmm n here we thought they didnt listren to us awwell cena WILL b at HIAC but hopefully he doesnt win but its almost a sure thing that he will

  • chronoxiong

    Super Cena to the rescue! It never gets old!

  • Keith Learmonth

    As long as Punk is winning, I don’t mind plenty of Punk/Cena matches. They’ve always managed to put on great matches. Punk brings something out of Cena that it seems like no-one else does.

  • KingAlbert

    It’s so shit, how many more punk/cena matches are we going to get?

  • fivogoeswest

    If anyone actually thinks cena will be out of hell in a cell or out for however long is just stupid. I’ll be surprised if he even missed one raw.

  • the v

    Perhaps cena can take a long holiday while ryback becomes new champ

  • rob

    hope he didnt five knuckle shuffle anyone

  • yo its me its me its joe-y d.

    So freekin wak…..raw needs more ppl and.more.segmants like the promo punk and foley did….that was classic…..give me a whole show like that….back in business!