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Speculation on Foley vs. Ambrose, New Plans Revealed for the Extreme Reunion Promotion

– The Extreme Reunion being held on April 28th in Philadelphia has already announced plans for future shows. They will run on June 30th at the National Guard Armory in Philly and have plans in place to hold shows in additional markets outside of Philadelphia in the future. The promotion reportedly has events mapped out through November of this year.

Over time, Extreme Reunion will be replaced with an official promotion name. The idea is to debut new talents and intermingle them with ECW alumni to create something of a new generation. They are also looking at bringing in international talents.

– There has been speculation this week if the feud between Mick Foley and Dean Ambrose has really been called off after Foley made comments in his blogs. PWInsider confirms that the feud is still on and everything you read is all part of the storyline.

Speaking of the feud, a fan asked Ambrose on Twitter when will he finally come and take Foley “out.” Ambrose replied:

“I wont. He took himself out. In terms he would understand he’s the cowardly lion of WWE, I’m far from heartbroken”

Source: PWInsider

  • adam

    I can’t wait till Ambrose actually debuts Hopefully its on one of the next few raws.

  • Dave

    If it wasn’t for ECW and Paul Heyman. The Attitude Era may never have happened. ECW inspired the greatest ever era in pro wrestling.

  • SYM


  • poko

    As realistic as that letter was, it still makes little sense for it to be true. Foley is a professional, and even if he was offended by Ambrose, he would likely have handled the situation in a professional way, which means he would have called the feud off behind closed doors. It would simply have disappeared and we would have heard no more about it. The thing is, Mick is a legend, so ANYTHING he says about Ambrose will put him over, even if it’s to tell the world what an awful human being he is.

    Really, they’re doing a good job of building Ambrose as an absolute heel before he even steps foot on RAW or Smackdown.

  • Gorilla

    Fuck heymen he is reason i can’t go back and watch old lesnar matches heymen voice screaming during match.. OMG HOW DID HEYMEN EVER GET TV TIME ON WWE…AND ONE MORE HEYMEN DISS THIS ONE FOR RHINO GORE!GORE!GORE

  • Dave

    A truly brilliant creation from the twisted mind of a true wrestling genius.
    Thankyou for some epic memories Paul Heyman.
    HOF Next Year.

  • Gorilla


  • Gorilla

    Hey shane Douglas you can sick my duck i mean duck my sick wait i mean suck my dick…

  • Gorilla

    In the words of stone cold steve Austin “ECW IS JUST A BUNCH A VIOLENT CRAP”…..

  • King

    he”d kick ur ass allover the place & smile at u while doing it..BANG BANG!!!

  • King

    he’d*** ^ correcting a mistake

  • King

    oh spare me ambrose hes kick ur punk ass allover the place…hes the hardcore legend damn it…regardless real feud or joking