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Speculation on John Cena’s Return, Backstage News on AJ Lee’s Injury and Alliance with Tamina

– WWE creative’s inspiration for the new Tamina Snuka and AJ Lee partnership is the 90’s team of Diesel and Shawn Michaels.

– Speaking of AJ, we noted before that she was sent home from Monday’s RAW due to concussion-like symptoms following her match at Battleground. AJ informed officials she was having problems remembering the match against Brie Bella on Sunday. Apparently the injury came when she hit her head hard on the turnbuckles. A few people at RAW noted that she was in rough shape earlier in the day. AJ was scheduled to face Kaitlyn on last night’s RAW from Pittsburgh.

– John Cena’s return at WWE Hell In a Cell came as a surprise to most people at last night’s RAW. There was a feeling among some that Cena might not wrestle and his return being announced is all part of an angle.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • CC

    Cena came back from a surgery that ended Stone Colds career?
    You do realise that when Stone Cold broke his neck it was in 1997 and he continued to wrestle up to 2004. He said himself that it was the 1997 injury that pretty much made him retire, but it took him seven years to do so.
    Also, the surgery that Cena had is probably vastly different to the one that Austin had as procedures changed hugely in the time scale we are talking about. The surgery that Angle had that allowed him to return so quickly at one point was entirely new, and since then a lot of wrestlers have used that procedure, rather than the one used back in 1997.
    Also, one neck injury does not equate to another. Stone Colds neck injury by all accounts was far more life threatening than Cenas.
    Not even comparable really.

  • Shawn Bronald

    Cena wins, gets cheapshot by Del Rio, put into the armbreaker (the very arm that was just repaired), as Cena is being tended to by the paramedics…. Sandow’s music hits and he cashes in. It’s reported Cena will once again be out for an extended time and huge heel heat will be put on Sandow to begin his World Title reign. Also, Cena will actually return at the Rumble.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    don’t know… don’t care

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    First off John Cena came back from a from neck sugary that ended Stone Cold career. So it wouldn’t surprise me if Cena did it yet again he is very good in the gym. When that cast came off I knew it was only a matter of time.
    Second most champion get a rematch clause well since he was injury he didn’t get to use those clause so that why they are probably giving him a World title shot. But I don’t think he will win if he is back before Hell in the Cell he won’t win because I do believe he going to stand up to HHH. It going to lead to the both feuding up to Wrestlmania. Cena going to get in HHH face he going to send the Shield in during his match with Del Rio and that will lead to a Survivor Series match with Del Rio and the Shield vs John Cena, the Codey and Dustin plus the Undertaker who is rumor to be at Survivor Series. You see it not all bad just having Cena back on TV will be good for the WWE. Love him or hate him he still gets a reaction. No I am no fan but I don’t hate him either. I really don’t hater any wrestler. If there is a wrestler I don’t like I just say I don’t care about him and never really talk about him. To me that is the better way to deal with a wrestler you don’t like don’t give him any attention at all.

    Finally Cena was going to be back sooner than the Rumble is was a given for me like I said he did this in 2008. That was way worst that this past injury so it not shock he is returning so soon.

  • millerj265

    Well if wwe carried at all about continuity and having some of the things they do make sense then they can explain and justify his spot in the WHC match easily. All they would need to do is have ADR say that Cena shouldn’t be in the match because he didn’t earn it, to which Cena can respond that he nvr got his rematch for the wwe title which has always been the rule in wwe(which on a side note might be the only thing in the history of the wwe that they have completely followed, and kept the continuity of that rule in place since they started using it). So Cena has his in right there by saying since he didn’t get to face Bryan in a rematch, and since the wwe title match is already set, that he is entitled to a championship match and sense there was no current #1 contender to the WHC at the time of his return and being as he is a former WHC he requested that his title match be for ADR’s championship. Of course by wwe standards asking them to go out of there way to try and make sense out of an angle, especially one where Cena is announced the #1 contender to anything(because at this point I think they just assume everyone has excepted the fact that Cena is always the #1 contender for whatever title he wants) is a losing battle, because the wwe stopped caring about logic and continuity a long time ago.

  • d_pooch

    I will admit that it doesn’t make sense that Cena is given a Heavyweight title shot out of the blue, without really “earning” the spot…

  • steve

    I’m not a cena fan, but there will be some people who buy the ppv to see him return so I hope for there sake he wrestles or there’ll be wasting there money.