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Speculation on Why Kane Removed His Mask at RAW, WWE Polls Fans on What It Means

– WWE’s website has a new poll asking fans what does Kane’s unmasking mean for WWE – we’ve seen the last of him, he will come back more dangerous than ever, The Authority is weakened or The Authority has consolidated its power. With almost 5,000 votes, 32% of fans believe we’ve seen the last of Kane. 31% believe he will be back more dangerous than ever.

It’s possible that Kane gave his mask to Stephanie McMahon on Monday’s RAW to bring the Jacob Goodnight character from See No Evil 2 to WWE TV.

We noted before that the plan in the fall of 2012 when Kane gave up his mask was to have him be more identifiable with the Goodnight character so they could promote the movie better. WWE Studios confirmed the October 17th release date just this past week.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Come on, you could at least blame Cena like the usual TNA fans do…

  • jedi


  • Kingfozzy

    I point the finger of shame at WWE management for how they’ve handled the Kane character over the years. I think what looks the dumbest of all is for the fact that back in 2003 Kane wrestled Triple H in a mask vs. title match. Kane lost the match and was forced to remove his mask. Fast forward 10+ years and now Kane is Triple H’s flunky in The Authority gimmick. Cheesy mask, fake hair. Wow, so entertaining. Ever since the attitude era, all the WWE has ever been about is Triple H and his larger than life ego. Glad I don’t expect much out of the WWE’s programming because it certainly does suck nowadays and I don’t see it getting any better anytime soon. TNA may not be anything special, but at least they try to switch things up on a regular basis. WWE just continues to keep shoving the same old f’n bullsh*t down our throats week after week…month after month…year after year. I guess we’re all supposed to find Steph vs. the Bellas to be a worthwhile gimmick, ugh. The only purpose for this match it to keep promoting the worthless, dead-end Total Divas show afloat. Whoopee.

  • Truth B Told

    I remember when Kane actually meant something.

  • Ray Myer

    Sure do.

  • Remember when Kane losing his mask meant something?