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Speculation on KENTA Having to Change His Moves When He Begins Wrestling for WWE

– It will be interesting to see how much KENTA has to change his moves when he starts wrestling for WWE.

KENTA’s Go 2 Sleep move is obviously associated with CM Punk and WWE may not allow him to use it because it will remind fans of Punk. KENTA’s Busaiku knee finisher had been used by Daniel Bryan before he got injured. His Game Over submission was taken by Bryan and is now the Yes Lock.

Finally, KENTA likely wouldn’t be allowed to use his Tiger suplex because of the fear of neck issues.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Matt Trovato

    Watch, his gimmick will be that he steals moves from other wrestlers thanks to some “mystical Japanese powers”

  • Timothy Davis

    Its funny to me that everyone steals his moves and he is punished for it.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Boo hoo! Just let him use whatever moves he wants it’s not the first time moves have been replicated:
    Shamrock > Angle > Swagger – Ankle Lock
    Scott Hall/Razor Ramon > Sheamus – crucifix power bomb
    Benoit > HBK – Crossface
    Eddie Guerrero > D Lo Brown > RVD – frog Splash
    Kane & Undertaker > Big Show – Chokeslam
    Jeff Jarrett > Ric Flair – Figure Four

    It really isn’t a big deal to be honest