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Speculation on the Young Bucks possibly heading to WWE

The Young Bucks are making huge strides all around the world with their merch sales and their YouTube show, “Being The Elite”. Matt and Nick Jackson have revolutionized independent wrestling and have proved that the big leagues can be competed against.

The younger one of the two brothers, Nick Jackson, recently took to his Twitter account to reveal if he and Matt would be in a WWE ring anytime soon.

Nick said that they currently have 6 months left on their contracts so it won’t be immediate. However, he claimed that they have not yet ruled that possibility out despite their cold war with the company.

Therefore it is not impossible that the hosts of the Superkick Party would land in the WWE once their contracts are up.

  • CC

    Usually an out and out “no” is a more clear indicator that they are lying, and actually in talks. When they say “never say never”, its always just a fan appeasement thing.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Good for them though, making it one their own after being misused in TNA, to becoming one of the best tag teams out there now.

  • Arnold Jackson

    But wrestlers never lie or misdirect lol

  • CC

    This is basically a cut and paste response that most wrestlers use every time a fan asks them this question. Seriously, do fans think the wrestlers are gonna give them a clear answer yes or no?