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Speculation on WWE Fatal 4 Way, Viewer’s Choice Returning, Jericho

Partial source:

– Apparently WWE is looking to do the Viewer’s Choice concept on RAW at least once a year from now on.

– Chris Jericho has been in Los Angeles for the past week filming ABC’s new game show Downfall, which he is the host of. Jericho is expected to be on tonight’s RAW.

– There’s a lot of speculation regarding what’s going to happen with WWE’s Fatal 4 Way pay-per-view as the event is less than one week away and only two matches have been advertised – the WWE Title match and the World Heavyweight Title match.

There was some discussion about totally re-writing the pay-per-view after last week’s NXT invasion on RAW but there’s on word yet what they decided to do. It’s interesting to note that no guest host has been announced either for next Monday’s RAW from Bridgeport, Connecticut.

  • Kpnuttzlol

    Cyber Sunday is now bragging rights where it’s smackdown va raw.

    Personally I hated viewers choice…I loved the concept but the matches and stipulations were awful.

    Hopefully we get some more matches on smackdown because so far 4 matches isn’t looking good

  • 15

    i thought they were havin viewers choice every year..ever heard ov cyber sunday.

  • corey


    Yea because so many people are buying wwe’s ppv’s now as it is.

  • Nobody

    I personally loved the Viewer’s Choice Raw. Raw is not the action brand, so if they wanna throw down and have a little fun once a year, that’s fine by me.

  • terry

    ok but i dont mind if they do the viewers choice thing every year, but plz have better match selections!! the stuff we had to watch this year was awful and it seemed for more like kids or something

  • Todd

    That would be a kick. No one would buy the PPVs cause they wouldn’t know what they’re shelling out $40 for.

  • Soulshroude

    A new concept by WWE, Vince said change was in the air. It’s about time they didn’t announce what was going to be happening at a PPV. No spoilers, kick!

  • pimp z

    Melissa from where?