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Speculation on a Punk vs. Lesnar Feud, Update on Plans for HHH Storyline

– We noted before that the plan for the Triple H concussion storyline was for Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon, and possibly their children, to eventually appear on RAW and talk Triple H out of wrestling again. Another source says several different ideas are being discussed and nothing is certain yet.

– There is said to be no laid out program for Brock Lesnar now that the feud with Triple H is over. Some people in the know within WWE are strongly speculating that WWE goes with a babyface CM Punk vs. Lesnar much sooner than later, with the idea of Heyman turning on Punk.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • D_Allan

    I don’t think CM Punk should face Brock Lesnar purely for the fact CM Punk is the #no 1 heel in the company. Not only that but isn’t Lesnar suppose to be gearing up for a fued with the Rock. It would be pointless for a Punk vs Lesnar fued. Also Lesnar has only a handful of dates on his wwe contract so it would be a meaningless fued. Also I reckon if Punk is going to take on Austin or Taker in a rematch at next years wrestlemania then he needs to stay heel. I reckon he should be thrust into a wwe title programe with Cena. Keep Punk as a heel, a Punk vs Lesnar fued, won’t work and I don’t want to see it!

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I think CM Punk being out for a few month will have him coming back as face in of itself. When Punk returns he will be the one who turn on Paul seeing that he been drinking Paul Koolaid for to long. On to HHH I don’t think there will be to much of a story line only that HHH is going to be off TV for a while. HHH is like the Undertaker right now only wrestling Part Time.

  • Don Kim

    It doesnt matter if Punk is a heel or a face on tv.
    When his music hits, ill always give him a standing o

  • Agreed.

  • Prince

    I agree, and that’s why it won’t work again. He’ll be second fiddle to Cena no matter what if he’s working as a face. When he’s a heel, he’s the top heel hands down. No one can touch him. Putting him as a face just hurts him.

  • I disagree, if he can be in control of himself then it will work. The only problem with his last face run was bc he was second class even though he was the WWE champion.

  • Prince

    It’s like with Edge. He’s fully capable of being a top face, but is just natural and much better as a heel.

  • Prince

    Punk turning face again would be a horrible, horrible move.